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Maia Vidal

Video Vault – Maia Vidal

Charming and childlike yet delivering some sobering lyrics, Maia Vidal packs a punch

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Midnight Faces

Video Vault – Midnight Faces

A mighty bell tolls with ethereal power rock via Midnight Faces

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Brooke Waggoner

Introducing… Brooke Waggoner

A lady that literally throws everything into her music – hello kitchen sink!

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Lanterns On The Lake

Video Vault – Lanterns On The Lake

Ethereal English rock at its beautiful finest

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Lucy Wainwright Roche

Introducing… Lucy Wainwright Roche

Another Wainwright it chomping at your acoustic soul!

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Introducing… Yasi

Someone’s got her electro-pop on and this ones sexy/brooding

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Jeffery Straker

Introducing… Jeffery Straker

Jeff’s the guy who plays ALL the instruments!

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Video Vault – Aurganic

Aurganic’s music video showcases their myriad of instruments in high detail

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Megan Bonnell

Introducing… Megan Bonnell

Bounding piano, hellbent drums and psychedelic interludes? We. Love. Megan.

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Yassou Benedict

Introducing… Yassou Benedict

A dream pop band from that jumps from mood to rage in a beat.

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Mara Measor

Video Vault – Mara Measor

Mara Measor originates from Hong Kong but lives in New York and is happy to balance and wear both sides of her life on her musical sleeve. Mara’s voice is pristine and reminds me of a delicate, less raspy Vanessa Carlton. The music permeates the female singer/songwriter genre beautifully and this lead track from her […]

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Mortar and Pestle

Video Vault – Mortar and Pestle

Trippy literally, Mortar and Pestle finally get their first music out and it’s to U.V. which was for me the weakest track on the EP. Although it speaks volumes that the weakest track still rawks! Enjoy.

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Universal You

Introducing… Universal You

Universal You takes on an 80s classic for their entrance to synth-pop

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Video Vault – Mister Loveless

If I were to be writing downbeat rock music about being home by a certain time I’d make a music video featuring a man with a clock as a head too… catchy chorus hooks too!

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Introducing… Cantus Lunaris

Everyone knows I do like a bit of Celtic folklore in my musical repertoire and Cantus Lunaris fits the bill perfectly. Not only owners of the most dramatic break down in tears in a forest during a music video award, they weave some siren-esque voices around some more traditional celtic roots yet around afraid to […]

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Video Vault – SPC ECO

SPC ECO return with a new single that was released today called Delusional Waste. It’s a dreamy synth pop splash into cookies and cream. By that I mean reverb all over the keys and a whopping great kick drum throughout. What could you not love about this trance-drone?

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Introducing… Dragonfly Lingo

Dragonfly Lingo has an amazing tonal quality to it where the sound feels like it’s been beamed down from an alien craft because everything sounds foreign. It’s pushing boundaries on what cinematic abstract gothic electronica can do. It’s not an easy listen but it would be how I’d imagine a Silent Hill soundtrack sounding like […]

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Video Vault – Goldfrapp

Goldfrapp constantly sway back and forth over a certain palette of music and this falls firmly on Felt Mountain side. Welcome to their new single Drew.  

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Introducing… Alice Brightsky

Well firstly – awesome name! Secondly, Alice has a very self assured delicacy to her vocal that makes it flexible and fragile whilst the music around her is soaked in sadness and beauty. The best way to introduce her is by her latest music video. This is “Lover’s Fate” and it is gorgeous:

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Video Vault – Maple Bee

Melanie Garside has many a guise and we love them all here at HPM. As a solo artist she returned earlier in 2013 with a new album we’ve got winging its way to the stereo. In the meantime, enjoy this whimsy acoustic rock track “Keep This Moment Alive”. There is beauty in every chord.

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