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Introducing… Cornelia

The new voice of British electronica has arrived

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Peter Ulrich

Video Vault – Peter Ulrich

Peter’s percussion returns with a new tale to tell

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Introducing… Colleagues

Bringing vocoders into 2015 with style

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Jillian Aversa

Zelda gets a musical tribute – complete with amazing elf ears!

Bringing elvish back!

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To You Mom

Introducing… To You Mom

Italian d├ębutantes channel Cocteau Shop Boys

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Video Vault – Dems

Minimalist pop rockers return

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Lila Rose

Video Vault – Lila Rose

Lila Rose returns with style

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Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Introducing… Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Rocking like its the 90s

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The Garden

Introducing… The Garden

Punk + Grunge = WIN!

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Kishi Bashi

Video Vault – Kishi Bashi

My favourite violist returns to ruin hearts and minds

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Introducing… Dems

Electronic trio makes emotions boil

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Syre and Fresko

Introducing… Syre & Fresko

Husbands and Wives unite for the Western showdown!

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Desperate Journalist

Introducing… Desperate Journalist

New Wave unites!

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The Ropes

Introducing… The Ropes

Disclaimer – chocolates and dogs should not go together

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Syd Arthur

Video Vault – Syd Arthur

Time to head back to 1965

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Una Lux

Introducing… Una Lux

Synth Art Rock – a growing genre has a rising star

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Introducing… Ormonde

The slow burn of rock

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Oh Land

Oh Land Returns For Fourth Album

Danish pop at its finest

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Paper Aeroplanes

Video Vault – Paper Aeroplanes

English duo return and dust off their powers

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Lila Rose

Video Vault – Lisa Rose

The shady beats are back!

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