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Wagakki Band

Introducing… Wagakki Band

Traditional. Rock. Vocaloid?

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Mental Monky Ballet

Introducing… Mental Monky Ballet

Bringing all the era’s of rock together as one

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Video Vault – Mideau

Indie rock goes to the disco

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Linda Perhacs

Music Vault – Linda Perhacs

Back after 44 years!

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Fire and the Romance

Introducing… “Fire and the Romance”

Bring on the bass induced pop rock!

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Metal Mother

Video Vault – Metal Mother

Mother has a surprise…

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St Vincent

Video Vault – St Vincent

It’s silver not grey!

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Mount Pressmore

Video Vault – Mount Pressmore

Peter Gabriel meets Brendan Fraser meets… an ape?

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Amy Stroup

Introducing… Amy Stroup

Grungy alt-pop lady gets on a Ferris Wheel…

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Video Vault – Lakefield

A final hurrah as a first hello

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Emiliana Torrini - Tookah

Video Vault – Emiliana Torrini

Time to become a mermaid!

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Circle of Reason

Video Vault – Circle of Reason

Southampton based rock band punch a banana

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Video Vault – DVA

They’re back… and this time its trippy!

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Jim Guthrie

Video Vault – Jim Guthrie

Ground Control to Major Jim

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Introducing… Trentalange

Trentalange merges rocks era from old and new to create a new illusion…

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Oh Land

Video Vault – Oh Land

Oh Land returns with her third album of catchy and quriked up pop

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Maia Vidal

Video Vault – Maia Vidal

Charming and childlike yet delivering some sobering lyrics, Maia Vidal packs a punch

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Midnight Faces

Video Vault – Midnight Faces

A mighty bell tolls with ethereal power rock via Midnight Faces

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Brooke Waggoner

Introducing… Brooke Waggoner

A lady that literally throws everything into her music – hello kitchen sink!

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Lanterns On The Lake

Video Vault – Lanterns On The Lake

Ethereal English rock at its beautiful finest

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