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Winifred Phillips – “LittleBigPlanet 2 Toy Story Music” Review

Sometimes good things come in small packages… such as a toy box! Whomever the genius was that decided to marry LittleBigPlanet and Toy Story for a DLC expansion pack deserves a huge slice of sack-cake because this is a match made in heaven. Not only do we get new costumes, new stickers, new backgrounds and new contraptions to play with, we get new music courtesy of the ever exciting composer Winifred Phillips.

With the pack comes three fantastically varied themes. “Toy Story Big Band Theme” is perky, upbeat with just a hint of slinky shimmy-shoulders to it. It just oozes Disney from the brass leads to the little piano motifs dotted around the track. I can already picture plenty of comical story scenes playing out to this theme in my head immediately.

“Toy Story Space Theme” is more grand in scope returning to a more traditional orchestrated approach but it’s so heavily layered in instruments and it constantly evolves into something different in tone, tempo and gusto every ten seconds, you’ll be able to enjoy the piece as a great track as well as being able to chop up the various layers for your own levels.

“Toy Story Western Theme” is the final track is a fun ditty that fiddles and finger plucks its way around in a fashion that reminds me not only of Woody but of old silent cartoons and the kind of music you get in the background of wooden puppet shows. Utterly charming and disarming it’ll have you beaming in no time. Again from a gaming point of view you’ve sections of fiddle and honky-tonk you can place nicely for your scenes too.

In just three tracks Winifred crosses chasms in the variety offered and I’m already planning exactly what I’ll be making my little sack bots do with these tracks and the rest of the DLC. An absolute must buy purchase for the levels that come with them and of course for the create mode after.

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