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Justin Levinson – “Take My Time” Review

JustinLevinsonJustin Levinson returns from his diversion with the Valcours for his own little EP “Take My Time”. Indeed the EP is three tracks long and taking his time is what he does with these tracks.

Each track needs warming to. “Take My Time” follows a traditional guitar rock route but takes a while to get the drums and the full flow to get pumping in its sombre tone and chords. “Give It One More Try” is the standout of the trio with the production of each instrument close to the listener and Justin not pushing his vocals needlessly. Simplicity here is key and you wait for the key notes that he hits in the choruses. “Bid The Rest Goodbye” verges off to the country genre which as readers know I really struggle with but it works well and suits Justin’s vocals well.

Only the middle track matches the dizzy heights of The Valcours album which I will proudly shout about from earlier in the year. Think of this as a nice toe dipping session to get used to the grassier roots that Levinson appears to be returning back to.

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