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Concert Review: Tune-Yards

Loving every beat in the bar

Coming away from the first night of two at Brixton’s Electric Brixton club for Tune-Yards  I felt nothing but utter elation. Frankly, Ms Garbus is a revelation and having followed her career since her first album, it’s great to see the transition into a hedonistic rhythm assault on your skull in a live context.

TuneYards is really one lady, but on tour she shines with her two backing singers who emote every line and are clearly loving every minute of it, a bassist that is in a world of his own and a drummer whose got so much kit around her, she needs to command an army. Collectively, the energy they show and play channels right through you as they seamlessly work from track to track. Many of the intricate melodies are removed and it culls back to bass, keyboard, drums and vocals with the banjo popping out for some older tracks. Having four people smashing percussion over Garbus’ vocals is akin to a musical orgasm. The crowd was amazing and supportive and its been a while since a band have been so genuinely thankful for being on stage.

Highlights for me personally were the amazing stadiumesque performance of “Stop That Man”, a bombastic “Water Fountain”, “Time of Dark” felt extra epic with all the chanting as did “Gangsta”. It was a flawless way to grab someone’s spirit and make it soar. I loved every beat in the bar and would urge anyone to go.

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