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Naia Izumi – “Never Let Them Tame You” Review

Fingers, frets and all the riffs
Naia Izumi

Fret fingering extraordinaire Naia Izumi has really swept me away with her three EP releases across 2016. The latest one I’ve discovered sees him continue to weave a soulful rock duet of voice and guitar.

The title track is the most open and sparse of the tracks as carefully woven chords are openly strummed or finger picked at speed over simple drums and Naia’s beautiful soulful vocals. The solo in the middle is like a bass guitar solo played on guitar and is really nifty and the lyrics, as always is Izumi’s songs are to the point as he declares “I’ll never let them tame my heart”. “Daylight” is like a shooting star frenzy as the drum n bass styled drums in the chorus feeds the pace and urgency which then explodes into a slower paced chorus but the guitar lets loose in the background as it shoots from octave to octave. “Run” is the quieter track on the album with a soft dampened spirit to it. It’s also the most straightforward and traditionally structured song on the EP. It reminds me of those early 90’s Joe Satriani styled tracks with how the guitar is left to cut through the noise. The closer “Hush” is my personal favourite because it’s bitter and seductive. Naia’s guitarisms fit perfectly in a PJ Harvey like rock track that is determined to rock your ass as he snarls “Hush just give it a try – promise I won’t bite” – when everything in the track screams she’s going to rip your hand off.

It’s another fantastic EP from Naia Izumi. I’m not sure if he’s staying away from albums but with 4 EP’s of entirely new songs on each, he has already become a proven quantity and someone who brings an entirely unique sound to rock. Bring it!

Recommended Track: Never Let Them Tame You

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