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Naia Izumi – “Lone Wolf” Review

Riffing with the best of them
Naia Izumi

Queen on the guitar solo pop rock Naia Izumi continues her constant output with “Lone Wolf” and it’s another solid EP as she continues to find cement her sound.

The title track opens the EP with jazzy overtones as she finger picks her way through the verses and lets smoky jazz chords open up the choruses. Paired with her sultry molasses coated voice, it’s a chilled out experience. “Calculate” is a far more frenzied affair as riff after riff unfurls like a ball of wool before exploding into an electric frenzy for the heaviest track in her catalogue to date. “Can’t figure you out” is like a four minute guitar virtuoso of chord progressions and stanzas on a guitar to a pop beat. It’s tightly woven melodies are made for alt-pop radio here and it’s the easiest way to get into her unique blend of music and math like rock. Closer “Daydreams of You” is a more jazzy blues tinged number with its swinging beat but the finger picking at times runs a little at odds with the mood it creates in the verses as it’s high pitched tone give more urgency than the rest of the track imbues.

Once again, Izumi creates a really unique style for herself, although in the cannon of her own work, it circles around everything she’s created before. It’s interesting that she releases EP’s of four tracks rather than albums – her sound is unique but the short play times accentuate that fact more so and lets you hold her style as more special. I’m looking for a little more stretching in track diversity in her future work, but what’s here is great.

Recommended Track : Calculate

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