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Jamws – Toronto Review

Nostalgic coming of age

Sounds like…

SOHN is he traded synths for sad guitars.

The review

Jamws is a multi-instrumentalist producer whose debut EP ‘Toronto’ feels like it grows up as you progress through it. It is quite interesting that an EP takes five very different tracks, styles and moods but works as a story. The synth and guitar based indie pop is perfect for those who like SOHN, Beck, Tame Impala and a few others in that sound bracket.

‘See The World’ opens with playful synths and a throwback to late 80s/early 90’s pop. The melodies are bright, electric and pulsating. There are thick beats, heavy production and a hint of new romantic fun here. That moves into the equally complex ‘Playing for Keeps’ which moves the mood forward towards a crunchier side of this music style. The thick drum loops, light guitar and Jamws indie-pop vocals all push away from the sheen of the opener and towards a more serious edge. ‘1’ keeps that crossover going as the band style of Jamws starts to creep up louder in the mix and it takes over for the title track. It leaves ‘Catalina’ as the moody hazy piano and vocal ballad to close out the EP.


Its funny because initially I found the opening tracks catchy but maybe a little too poppy and then on repeat listens I enjoyed those tracks much more as I appreciated the musical progression. There is an innocence and joy to the breezier sections but the darker edges of the latter half feel earned as a result. The crunchy drums sometimes feel a little like they lack punch in the mix if I’m being picky but it is a tiny complaint.

What ‘Toronto’ does do is showcase the wider variety of music that Jamws can create and integrate into a central sound. That may mean that you’ll need to pick a different song for an entry point depending on your mood. Single ‘Playing for Keeps’ does give you a bit of everything wrapped up in a bit of nostalgia. I recommend starting there to test the waters. Then you can Jamws.

Recommended track: Playing for Keeps

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Jamws - Toronto



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