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Blunda – Pulling For You Review

Breezy rock for the wistful

Sounds like…

Breezy Americana for the wistful.

The review

Blunda, the name which singer/songwriter and producer Andy Blunda goes by, works best when he takes his laid back pop-rock vibes and lets that offset his voice. With his new EP ‘Pulling For You’, he dug up old tracks that were over a decade old to keep his mind off the pandemic. Blunda felt like this was a nice way to round off his old sound before moving onto something new.

The sense of plodding time nags at me across the EP as each track carries the same tempo and feel. That means that I found the songs more interesting when I played them individually rather than together as a body of work. That being said, it does still work as an EP. It is just that the breezy falsetto ooh’s of ‘Fall’ sound more emotive and wistful when you haven’t already heard ‘Low’ and ‘Pulling For You’ running at a similar tempo. The title track has a shoop-shoop retro feel to it that doesn’t quite sit with the rest of the EP.


The reason why I’ve been a bit critical here is that ‘Fall’ and country soaked closer ‘Carry On’ are both great songs and feel less constrained into a regimented plod than the other tracks. They feel more human, emotive and perhaps a bit more miserable which is why I probably enjoyed them more. Blunda certainly has plenty of talent but I’d recommend starting with his 2014 release ‘Messages’ as the best way to sample his brand of chill-rock. This feels much more like a b-side collection for fans.

Recommended track: Fall

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Blunda - Pulling For You



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