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Announcing The Artist Help Section from Higher Plain Music

PR services are now available.

Higher Plain Music proudly announces today a new section on the website – the Artist Help section. The section will be launching in two stages.

Launching today is the PR Services section. This contains three tiers of support that I can provide artists. They are:

  • The one pager – for one-off press releases.
  • The campaign builder – to create a strategic PR campaign for your project.
  • The monthly mentor – for artists who would like ongoing support to learn things over time.

Each tier has its own merits and won’t be for everyone but the idea is to help spread the knowledge so that you can then be self-sufficient in the future. This is a teach and grow philosophy.

Launching in September, I will be releasing ongoing ‘Artist Support’ videos in the Artist Help section. They will all be around marketing and communications as that what I spend my day job doing. I had hoped to have some ready for today but unfortunately, I’ve had a partial roof collapse during the UK storms which have prevented my recording! I look forward to releasing all these free educational tools from next month onwards.

I won’t be posting them as news articles specifically – Higher Plain Music is primarily a torch for others. They will sit in the Artist Help section which you’ll see grow over time. However, in order to make this project more sustainable, I am excited to offer these resources and programmes so that I can do bigger things with the Higher Plain Music (and Higher Plain Network) brand over time.

Thanks for allowing me the time to do a bit of self promotion and normal service will resume tomorrow – roof or no roof!

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