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Lights AM – Agnes Review

Tangerine Tributes

Sounds like…

Tangerine Dreams ballads.

The review

Lights AM stands for Lights After Midnight and is the ethereal synth project from Erlend Eilertsen. Erlend may be known to you from another of his projects called ‘Essence of Mind’. This new synth-heavy project evokes Tangerine Dreams and Brian Eno vibes from the first moment to the last.

‘Agnes’ is a two-track prelude single to the forthcoming album ‘Stories Without Words’ but sets the scene perfectly for what is to come. The title track is an elegant and uplifting clutch of wiry synths burst and soars at slow speeds. It reminds me of the Chariots of Fire theme, often associated with Olympic Athletics in the UK. It has that slow, grandeur to it that makes it feel epic. In contrast, ‘A Mystery After Sunset’ feels more like a modern sci-fi soundtrack. The tape effects here are on full display as each note feels like it is going to collapse under its own weight. It is dusty, heavy and full of bass fuzz.

Ambient, ethereal and synth lovers will do well to keep an eye out for Lights AM and the upcoming album. This gives me Tangerine Dreams vibes – specifically their Miracle Mile soundtrack. With ‘Agnes’ being written as a thank you to his passed dog, this is a lovely way to pay tribute.

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Lights AM - Agnes



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