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Cover for Alex Lane's Titan

Alex Lane – “Titan” Review

Audiobooks for chiptune lovers

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Sokoban Online Album Cover

Beek – “Sokoban Online Soundtrack” Review

A deceptively simple chiptune album, for a deceptively simple game

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Tiasu – “W_Hole” Review

A technical marvel of synth and guitar

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Xyce – “Autre” Review

The fromage of 16 bit happiness

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Pixeljams Volume 2

Pixeljams Volume 2 “Review”

IDM goes into chip space!

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Nanode – “Journey” Review

Chip disco time!

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Shirobon – “Dimensions” Review

Getting the nerds on the dancefloor in 16 bit rotation

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Shirobon – “Infinity” Review

You can’t take the chip out of the chiptune

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Sieken – “Tokyo Monogatari EP” Review

Sieken expands the chip tune genre with some new tricks of the trade

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Seiken – “I Can’t Draw Faces” Review

Chip tunes pushing the art in artist

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Zantilla – “Cack Salad” Review

Retro chiptune fans rejoice

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Casshern – “Helix” Review

Alternative chiptune artist gives us a belter

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Brick BRKer – “BRKOUT EP” Review

Time to boogie 8bit style!

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“The Players Score – A Video Game Music Documentary” Kickstarter Goes Live!

A VGM documentary kickstarter!!!

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Roboctopus – “Jelly” Review

You can’t have the fish if you ain’t got the jelly…?

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Toriena – ‘Space Fugitives’ Review

Japan’s finest Gameboy synth girl is back with a bang

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Snesei – “Trinity” Review

Enter a new chiptune challenger

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Astroskeleton – “Breadcat in Space OST” Review

It’s a cat. It’s a loaf of bread. It’s breadcat!

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Kozilek – “Lauftrausers Soundtrack” Review

Music to shoot pixels to…

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Brain Wave Productions – “In Flux” Review

A Megamind collaboration of some of the best chip artists around today

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