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Kow Otani

Kow Otani Discusses Shadow of the Colossus Soundtrack

Revisiting a classic

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Scarlet Moon Christmas Volume II Cover

“Scarlet Moon Christmas Volume II” Review

Christmas from the game music gang

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Jessica Curry

Jessica Curry – “So Let Us Melt” Review

Classical and game soundtrack of the year contender

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Concert Review : Final Fantasy Distant Worlds

A magical night of role playing proportions

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The Travelers VGM

The Travelers VGM – “Ode to the Lovers” Review

Celtic arrangements of your RPG staples

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Sokoban Online Album Cover

Beek – “Sokoban Online Soundtrack” Review

A deceptively simple chiptune album, for a deceptively simple game

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“Distant Worlds IV More Music From Final Fantasy” Review

Back with a bang for the latest tour

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Austin Wintory

Austin Wintory – “Deformers” Review

If a mad French circus took over the world – this would be its overture.

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Classic NES Tunes in Reverse?!

Mario, in reverse, metal style!

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Materia Collective logo

Pokemon Red and Blue Piano Collection Kickstarter Launched

It’s backed already but you know I love a piano collection!

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Yoko Shimomura

“Final Fantasy XV Piano Collections Moonlit Melodies” Review

A gothic and complex collection of beautiful arrangements

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The Travelers VGM

The Travelers VGM -“The Travelers” Review

Going back to the forest for ancient game music arrangements

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Higher Plain Music’s Top 25 Albums of 2016

My 25 best albums of 2016. Happy New Year!

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Trevor Gomes

Trevor Gomes – “Piano Collections – Chrono Trigger” Review

A beautifully formed collection of melodies

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Heinali – “Bound Original Soundtrack” Review

Where organic sound becomes alien emotion

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Scarlet Moon’s Christmas 2016 Album Review

Christmas comes early to video game music arrangements

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Gentle Love

Gentle Love – “Prescription for Sleep Undertale” Review

Piano and Saxophone collide to caress your ears to sleep

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Planet Coaster

Jim Guthrie & JJ Ispen – “You Me and Gravity : The Music of Planet Coaster” Review

The soundtrack of imagination and dreams

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Concert Review : Symphonic Fantasies London

Completing a fantasy of my own in the best way possible

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Pixeljams Volume 2

Pixeljams Volume 2 “Review”

IDM goes into chip space!

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