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Juana Molina

Video Vault – Juana Molina

Argentinian nutter meets cartoon video game. I am delighted.

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Sarah Slean

Video Vault – Sarah Slean

One Love

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Video Vault – TORRES

Album number three brings sexy bath time and electro guitar riffs

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She Makes War

She Makes War Wins My Politics Song Award for 2017

I’d quite like it back too please.

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Rosemary & Garlic

Video Vault – Rosemary & Garlic (with album announcement)

My new favourite folk duo are making their debut LP

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Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap’s new song is paired with Dolby animation short

A cute mini film and a stonking new track

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Video Vault – s a r a s a r a

A circular film for a seance

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Video Vault – alt-J

A cinematic sacrifice

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C Duncan

Video Vault – C Duncan

C Duncan’s 2016 album “The Midnight Sun” was a quiet force of an album and my joint favourite track from it “Like You Do” now has a low-fi creepy music video to accompany it as the latest single from the album. It also comes with a new b-side too. I can’t quite work out if […]

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Kristin Hersh

Video Vault – Kristin Hersh

A double album and a 1-2 punch to the auditory canal

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Video Vault – Bjork

Bjork’s VR experience is like a Final Fantasy summon!

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Video Vault – Sóley

Icelandic singer songwriter returns to her organic roots

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Video Vault – tUnE-yArDs

This weeks Video Vault comes from the absolutely fantastic solo artist tUnE-yArDs. This music video from Real Live Flesh is so entertaining yet it looks like she done it in her living room. It’s not surprising that though as she recorded her whole album in her bedroom with the tiniest budget and yet although I’ve […]

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Video Vault – The Quiet Revolution

The next couple of days will have a smattering of new artists I’ve discovered and we’ll be starting with The Quiet Revolution. A fantastic concept from Israeli songwriter Tal Moore where Tal invites other singer/songwriters to guest sing his own stripped down melodic tunes. The video vault today is “Parallel Me” which guests Hadar Green. […]

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Video Vault – Transister

Why did this band not get more success?! I loved their debut album, and apart from a very low quality leaked mp3 four track session with another producer, I’ve not heard anything else from them. This was their lead European single “Dizzy Moon” – the music video isn’t too bad at all, but its just […]

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Video Vault – Ooioo

Normally I don’t have two video vaults in a week, but I just stumbled across this and had to post it. I’ve yet to discover whom Ooioo really are but this video for their single Umo is one of the best things I’ve seen in ages. Their other videos are just as heleriously random as […]

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Video Vault – Venus Hum

Second part of a double Venus Hum bill, is a video vault clip. Having only bought their two albums so far, I had never heard “Fighting for Love” letalone see the genius video! Since when did Playmobile get this good?!

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Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collections Bonus DVD Material

As a parting gift for the next few weeks to tide you over, I have uploaded the full content of all three Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection Bonus DVD’s. Yuna, Rikku and Paine all have their songs, interviews and special preview videos to accompany their singles. Remember these were available way before the game got […]

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Video Vault – Megumi Toyoguchi

This weeks music video comes from the Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection bonus disc of Paine. Her vocal theme “Dormant Memories” is performed by Megumi Toyoguchi. The video shows lots of in game footage with a wandering Megumi. Enjoy

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Video Vault – Tori Amos

Leading single from the upcoming 10th studio album “Abnormally Addicted to Sin”, “Welcome to England” now has its full music video up for everyone to enjoy. You can watch it and hear the single here. Sounds like a mixture of all kinds of styles – SW/TBK era with a new synth edge.

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