Sponsor a show on Higher Plain Music Radio

Higher Plain Music Radio has some limited spaces for like-minded businesses or services to advertise to my audience. My audience is small but very engaged and as the radio service is brand new, I would like to reward early adopters with a special offer on advertising.

$10 to sponsor a show per month

Each show will have a related title sponsor that will be mentioned every six tracks. Each show runs several times a week. You can sponsor a month at a time and can do this either via my Patreon campaign by selecting the ‘Higher Plain Music Radio Show Sponsors‘ tier or by PayPal if you’d like do this privately. You can, of course, cancel at any time and your adverts will be removed at the end of the month you have paid up to.

Then all you need do is tell me:

  • The show you’d like to title sponsor;
  • Your business name, service or brand;
  • A tagline if you have one;
  • A call to action for my listeners.

I will then record the advert for you and place it on the air. If you have your own 15 – 20 second advert already recorded then I’ll accept that too. It’s as simple as that.

If you have any questions please do get in touch but I would like to keep the arrangement as straight forward as possible.