Charlotte Martin – Reproductions Review

Charlotte Martin is never sitting still and this latest limited edition release “Reproductions” see’s her showcasing 12 cover songs (including the worthy separate download song) of artists such as Massive Attack, Snow Patrol and Cocteau Twins. This album sits firmly between the electro tribal bliss of “Stromata” and the more organic “On Your Shore” and it’s a nice contrast.

On one hand you have maddening urgency of electronic blips and manic vocals of “Angel”,the keyboard fused beauty of “Constant Craving” and the minimal “I’m Stretched On Your Grave” which sit firmly on the electro-side and are proud of their roots. The other side you have lush pianos of the heart breaking “Just Like Heaven” and the powerful “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town”.

Then there’s where the two sides merge together and these are my favourite tracks. “Obstacle #1” has so much energy is a smash hit in waiting and “Chocolate” is a sublime song showcasing Charlotte’s vocals however nothing can prepare you for Charlotte’s version Cocteau Twins’ “Cherry Coloured Funk” which she makes her own and adds a new dimension to her ever expanding impressive catalogue.

“Reproductions” raises the bar again for Covers albums and very few of them are really given an artists full heart and soul but you can feel it in spades here and that is what makes each of these songs like her own.

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