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Introducing…RICH LIST

A song about the winner that never was

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Tom Adams

Introducing… Tom Adams

Dreaming the night away with angelic percision

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Introducing… Deadwall

A fine addition to England’s rock roster

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Introducing… Aadae

Afrobeat pop mashing past and present

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Introducing… Thelma

From the cupboard under the stairs of the brooding rocker

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Jetty Rae

Introducing… Jetty Rae

Taking a soulful time out to breathe and then rock

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Fawns of Love

Introducing… Fawns of Love

Getting your Cocteau Bush on

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Lucy Mason

Introducing… Lucy Mason

Sumptuous electric piano for the wee hours

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Introducing… Tempers

The darker side of electronica

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Introducing… Taffy

Japanese grunge quartet return with a new old sound

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Introducing… Vitalic

Get your glad rags on – we’ve got a glitter party to attend!

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Pick A Piper

Introducing… Pick A Piper

The world is a slow rave

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Electric Floor

Introducing… Electric Floor

Italy’s answer to a future new romantics

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Samuel Proffitt

Introducing… Samuel Proffitt

Where worlds collide in a time of divide

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Christa Vi

Introducing… Christa Vi

Welcome Vi to the retro future synth party

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Clock Opera

Introducing… Clock Opera

Bringing a smooth indie synth vibe to rock.

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Temple Invisible

Temple Invisible Return

Calmly dark

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Introducing… Tigercub

Bringing back the 90’s blood boiling rock

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Everyone Is Dirty

Introducing… Everyone Is Dirty

When noise, rock and angst collide

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Pepe Deluxe

Introducing… Pepe Deluxe

Jangles of glorious riot pop

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