Higher Plain Music, Radio, Records and Feelings are part of a wider collection of Higher Plain Network. Pretty much all of my spare time is dedicated to these projects in some way. I love doing them because I am passionate about them.

There are three ways to support Higher Plain Music:

  • Share the website and radio station online or by word of mouth;
  • Consider a one-off donation via PayPal or donate using the form below;
  • Consider supporting the project from $1 a month via Patreon or if you don’t wish to use Patreon but want to support the site regularly, you can set up a recurring donation using the form below.


I want to make Higher Plain Music something really special which is why I’ve opened a Patreon campaign. With this support, I can do more things, provide more content and perhaps even be able to reduce my day job to focus even more on making this a full time, all-encompassing project.

So please have a look at my Patreon campaign and if you have any questions or have specific requests, let me know. Thank you very much for taking the time to visit and most importantly, happy music time!

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