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Live Vault – Fenech-Soler

45 minutes of the best of catchy electronica anthems

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Charlotte Martin

Live Vault – Charlotte Martin

The underground piano songstress is back

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Agnes Obel

Live Vault – Agnes Obel plays new album in entirity

A bridge between beauty and creepy

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Full Concert Live Vault – Elsiane

A unique voice that brings beauty to everyone’s soul

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Lydia Cole

Live Vault – Lydia Cole

New Zealand’s talent for acoustic wonder continues with Lydia

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Concert Review – Eska

A fine 360 performance at the Roundhouse

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ANML (formerly Lila Rose

Live Vault – ANML (Lila Rose)

An artist transformed

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Miracles of Modern Science

Live Vault – Miracles of Modern Science

A fabulous double bill of string rock perfection

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Live Vault – ABBY

Slo-mo indie rock with bells, whistles and weird noises

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Gregory Douglass

Live Vault – Gregory Douglass

Rocking the new album with plenty of thundering drums!

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Bruno Sanfilippo

Live Vault – Bruno Sanfilippo

A delicate concert with a prepared piano

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Flo Morrissey

Live Vault – Flo Morrissey

English sirens mix of angelic wisdom will brighten your day

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Laura Moody

Introducing… Laura Moody

Playing the cello in an inventive new way

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Son Lux

Live Vault – Son Lux

80 minutes of synth art heaven

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Concert Review: Tune-Yards

Loving every beat in the bar

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Vienna Teng

Live Vault – Vienna Teng

How to sing many melodies all on your own…at once

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Agnes Obel

Live Vault – Agnes Obel

Chamber made.

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Tori Amos

Live Vault – Tori Amos

Covering the masters

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Live Concert Review – Tori Amos (London 2014)

Lady of the keys

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Thy Veils

Live Vault – Thy Veils

Ten minutes of ethereal zen in a live performance

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