Under The Spotlight

Ian Chang

Introducing… Ian Chang

Beating the devil out of it
Mood Robot

Introducing.. Mood Robot

Smooth synth pop to while the evening away to
Benjamin James

Video Vault – Benjamin James

Basking in beauties aura

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Living Dead Girl

Introducing… Living Dead Girl

Where industrial and melodic collide

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The Away Days

Introducing… The Away Days

Politically charged Turkish dream rock

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Nulabee – “New Sketch of Skyline” Review

Cramming everything he can find into your ears to make you dance

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Yoko Shimomura

Enjoy Final Fantasy XV’s Live Performance at Abbey Road Studios

A Symphonic Suite

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Austin Wintory

Austin Wintory – “ABZU” Review

ABZU’s soundtrack is one of the finest game audio experiences yet

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Lupa J

Lupa J – “My Right Name” Review

Teen violin sensation brings an EP way ahead of her years

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C Duncan

Video Vault – C Duncan

Ninja’s steal hearts

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Introducing… Almeeva

Symphonic electronica to rest into the night with

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Olafur Arnalds

Video Vault – Ólafur Arnalds

The beauty of Iceland translated into sound

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He Is Me

Introducing… He Is Me

A technoire dystopian party is brewing

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The Slow Revolt

Introducing…The Slow Revolt

A collection of electronica smashed into one.

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Concert Review – Eska

A fine 360 performance at the Roundhouse

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Introducing… STEELE

Dark chamber pop from the Nordic cool

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Utada – “In The Flesh” Review

With a new album coming let’s rediscover the last era!

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ANML (formerly Lila Rose

Live Vault – ANML (Lila Rose)

An artist transformed

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Image from Grog 'In Plain Sight' single artwork. Released on Strataville July 2016.

Introducing… Grog

Time to plough those four chord anthems!

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C Duncan

C Duncan returns with new album

The Scot is back from his bedroom with more

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Hannah Peel

Introducing… Hannah Peel

Symphonic synth pop to the rescue of summer!

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Austin Wintory

The musical score of ABZÛ

The magical score of an underwater adventure

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Lou Rhodes

Lou Rhodes – “Theyesandeye”

Lou gets enlightened with an album to get lost in

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