Kathryn Joesph

Kathryn Joseph – Concert Review

A wonderful experience of shining talents

Syd Arthur

Syd Arthur – “Apricity” Review

The kings of psych-rock return to take their space throne

Under The Spotlight

Gentle Love

Gentle Love – “Prescription for Sleep Undertale” Review

Piano and Saxophone collide to caress your ears to sleep
Bruno Sanfilippo

Bruno Sanfilippo – “Piano Textures 4” Review

Opening up a piano to see what's inside
James Halloran

James Halloran – “HIM” Review

Drama and theatre collide for a fantastic debut

Latest News

Tori Amos

Tori Amos – “Boys for Pele” Remastered Deluxe Review

Shaving every audio clip that she’ll bring…

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Bic Runga

Bic Runga – “Close Your Eyes” Review

A unique take on a covers album

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Lolahiko – “The Year We Died But Stayed Alive” Review

The soundtrack for a neon tinged dystopia

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Mr Universe

Mr Universe – “Everything’s Good / It’s Not Working” Review

What happens after two years locked in your bedroom with a guitar and cheap drum machine

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Planet Coaster

Jim Guthrie & JJ Ispen – “You Me and Gravity : The Music of Planet Coaster” Review

The soundtrack of imagination and dreams

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Saramai – “Magnetic North” Review

A heavily skewed original lady at the keys enters stage left

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Samuel Proffitt

Introducing… Samuel Proffitt

Where worlds collide in a time of divide

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arcade Messiah

Video Vault – Arcade Messiah

Rock out to artistic timelapses of Tokyo

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Tori Amos

Tori Amos showcases unreleased track

20 years later and it’s still a work of painful beauty

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Christa Vi

Introducing… Christa Vi

Welcome Vi to the retro future synth party

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Clock Opera

Introducing… Clock Opera

Bringing a smooth indie synth vibe to rock.

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Full Concert Live Vault – Elsiane

A unique voice that brings beauty to everyone’s soul

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Douglas Dare – “Aforger” Review

2016’s album for the dark, damp, and trodden on is here

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Picnic Lightning

Picnic Lightning – “Picnic Lightning” Review

Adding some shoegaze to all of the rock

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Indie Monastery

Indie Monastery – “One Big World” Review

The power of Persia in sonic form

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Sitorimon - Runner of Higher Plain Music

Staccato Cast Episode 2: Sitorimon

Discussing how to channel anger into music

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Utada Hikaru – “Fantome” Review

Back after 6 years – it was worth the wait…

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Sarah Walk

Video Vault – Sarah Walk

My new piano based hype

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Living Dead Girl

Living Dead Girl – “Autumn” Review

Gothic industrial musings of a vampire

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Temple Invisible

Temple Invisible Return

Calmly dark

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