Under The Spotlight

Introducing… Tobias Svensson

Emotive piano with an electric razor edge
Danny Mulhern

Introducing… Danny Mulhern

Creepy classical music to keep you awake at night
Clint Michigan

Clint Michigan – “Centuries” Review

Folk to bitch to

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Film Review: Tawai

Thought provoking exploration of cause and effect

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Ay Wing

Introducing… Ay Wing

More identities in a music video than a superhero movie

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Noel Griffen

Noel Griffin – “Sentient Life” Review

The robots make a lovely sound

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Introducing… Ishani

Trip hop beats and dark midnight treats

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Concert Review: Ionnalee

A live show full of dark pop and love in the room

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Eliza Rickman

Video Vault – Eliza Rickman

Chamber folk of the most gruesome kind

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My brightest Diamond

My Brightest Diamond – “Champagne EP” Review

To the dancefloor

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Gazelle Twin returns with more creepy electronica

Satan rides of Hobby Horse on Wednedays

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Ionnalee – “Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten” Review

Enter my contender for album of the year 2018

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Introducing… IAKO

Gentle lullaby’s to enjoy on sepia evenings

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Muriel Bostorp

Muriel Bostorp – “See” Review

Warmest piano melodies with a slice of reflection

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My brightest Diamond

My Brightest Diamond returns with a more electronic palette

Handbags to the dance floor

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Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus – “Okavi: Additions” Review

Bonus tracks not to be missed

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Ibibio Sound Machine

Ibibio Sound Machine – “Eyio” Review

Modern Nigeria on the dancefloor

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Ryoji Ideka

Ryoji Ikeda comes to London for a new music and visual installation

Electronica binary art to submerge in

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Jim ghedi

Jim Ghedi – “A Hymn For Ancient Land” Review

The warm arms of a summer folk’s night

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Abi wade

Abi Wade – “Beautifully Astray” Review

Armed to the cello

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David Hopkins

Introducing… David Hopkins #RecordStoreDay

70’s psyche rock with a symphonic twist

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Bent Denim

Introducing… Bent Denim #RecordStoreDay

Misery in synth folk minor

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The Mu Tones

Introducing… The Mu Tones #RecordStoreDay

Northern punk rock is still a classic

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