Under The Spotlight

Living Dead Girl

Living Dead Girl – “Autumn” Review

Gothic industrial musings of a vampire
Temple Invisible

Temple Invisible Return

Calmly dark

Introducing… Tigercub

Bringing back the 90's blood boiling rock

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Everyone Is Dirty

Introducing… Everyone Is Dirty

When noise, rock and angst collide

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Pepe Deluxe

Introducing… Pepe Deluxe

Jangles of glorious riot pop

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Bic Runga

Bic Runga returns with “Close Your Eyes”

New Zealand’s queen of soft rock has returned for her throne

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Naia Izumi

Naia Izumi – “Never Let Them Tame You” Review

Fingers, frets and all the riffs

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Concert Review : Symphonic Fantasies London

Completing a fantasy of my own in the best way possible

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Lowercase Noises

Video Vault – Lowercase Noises

The slowest of all the strums

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Introducing… Anousheh

Dancing the demons away

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Kishi Bashi

Kishi Bashi – “Sonderlust” Review

Album of the year? Quite possibly…

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John Southworth

Introducing… John Southworth

Kooky pop from the damp side

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James Halloran

Introducing… James Halloran

How to kill everyone in revenge using one bowl of punch and a piano

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Mr Universe

Introducing… Mr Universe

Back to the 1970’s… bedroom rock style

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Pixeljams Volume 2

Pixeljams Volume 2 “Review”

IDM goes into chip space!

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Suha – “Moonkid” Review

Turkish smooth electro jazz anyone?

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Hannah Peel

Hannah Peel – “Awake But Always Dreaming” Review

Electronic album of the year?

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Introducing… Rén

Summer pop comes with Autumn leaves.

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Phil and Lu

Introducing… Phil and Lu

A brother and sister act with proper integrity

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Magnetic Ghost

Video Vault – Magnetic Ghost

Beauty in sound and image

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Young Romance

Introducing… Young Romance

Kate Bush does grunge?!

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Bonfire Nights

Introducing…Bonfire Nights

Shoegazing Londoners looking to start a fire

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Lydia Cole

Live Vault – Lydia Cole

New Zealand’s talent for acoustic wonder continues with Lydia

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