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Higher Plain Music launched in 2008 and is an independent musical haven to discover and enjoy new music that enriches the soul. The site’s mission is to share new and upcoming music as well as celebrating the music that truly leaves a lasting impression on you. It’s important to shine a light on musicians doing new things but essentially, the only criteria to be featured here is that it has to be music I enjoy and love. If it moves me, I think it will move others too. The site posts ten articles a week and additional playlists and radio shows as and when. I am completely independent.

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Simon aka Higher Plain Network

A Waffle from Simon

As a singer-songwriter and composer, albeit an amateur one, I know how difficult it is to get music out there and be heard. We are so fortunate to have access to technology and spread the joy of creativity but the other side of that sword is that there’s so much noise, it’s difficult to stand out. I created Higher Plain Music initially to share music that I had discovered and loved. The music I love doesn’t usually find its way into the charts and is not always “radio-friendly” (whatever that means) and I was digging deep to find platforms that really promoted indie artists.

Over the years my passion for music has only increased and so has my interest in understanding the creative process and finding new ways to tap into that for more people. I work full-time during the day currently in a job that’s labelled as creative, but it’s actually extremely stifling. I run projects on music, games and other areas to let me celebrate creativity where I find it, and I call it the Higher Plain Network.

I have so many ideas for the network, but there are only so many hours in the day which is why supporting me via donations or Patreon is a vital lifeline to enable me to do more. It’d be a dream to be able to run this as a fully dedicated site part-time alongside my other creative projects – it’s a dream I’m not giving up on.

Almost all of the reviews on the website are positive ones because I want to promote things I like and not contribute to the meme culture of lazy journalism and short attention spans. I think we all lose when that’s all that we pander to. It has its place – but here I want to create a warm corner of the internet for feeling, introspection and a damn good melody!

Ultimately, every artist I feature here is an extended thank you. Thank you for what you do. You’ve inspired and brought out an emotion in me and for that, I’m forever grateful.



  1. Hi, HPM – With your affinity for piano-driven music, I thought perhaps you’d enjoy what I’m doing. If so, I’d be honored to have you review my latest album. Info at DaveTurnerMusic.com

    Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and opinions on all of the fabulous artists you have on your blog.

    All the best,


  2. Hello,
    I’m representing a brilliant female singer /songwriter who I think you would be really interested in listening to- judging from your taste on the left side of this page.

    Is there a place I can post for a CD for you to review?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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