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Marya Stark

Marya Stark – “Lineage” Review

With a voice and a drum, Stark will woe your body numb

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Clint Michigan

Clint Michigan – “Centuries” Review

Folk to bitch to

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Film Review: Tawai

Thought provoking exploration of cause and effect

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Loreena McKennitt

Loreena McKennitt – “Lost Souls” Review

A Latin tinge to timeless folk

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Noel Griffen

Noel Griffin – “Sentient Life” Review

The robots make a lovely sound

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Concert Review: Ionnalee

A live show full of dark pop and love in the room

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My brightest Diamond

My Brightest Diamond – “Champagne EP” Review

To the dancefloor

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Ionnalee – “Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten” Review

Enter my contender for album of the year 2018

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Muriel Bostorp

Muriel Bostorp – “See” Review

Warmest piano melodies with a slice of reflection

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Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus – “Okavi: Additions” Review

Bonus tracks not to be missed

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Ibibio Sound Machine

Ibibio Sound Machine – “Eyio” Review

Modern Nigeria on the dancefloor

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Jim ghedi

Jim Ghedi – “A Hymn For Ancient Land” Review

The warm arms of a summer folk’s night

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Abi wade

Abi Wade – “Beautifully Astray” Review

Armed to the cello

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Tiasu – “Sanctuary” Review

Chiptunes. Heavily Plugged!

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El Gran Poder

Lagartijeando – “El Gran Poder” Review

A celebration of South America with a dancefloor edge

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Tom Rosenthal

Tom Rosenthal – “Don’t Die Curious” Review

A happy EP for giving you the wind beneath your wings

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Max LL

Max LL – “Civilization” Review

Feeling the Latin groove

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Emiliana Torrini

The Colorist & Emiliana Torrini “Review”

A live orchestral arrangement album to rival the best

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Madam West

Madam West – “Warm Bodies” Review

When a synth pop duo grows into a rocking soul band

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Knightstown – “Keep” Review

2am danceclub afterglow in its finest

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