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Slow Meadow

Slow Meadow – “Costero” Review

Music in slow motion

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LTO – “Storybook” Review

The haunting of a looped piano riff

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Bruno Sanfilippo

Bruno Sanfilippo – “Lost and Found” Review

Contemplative pianist Bruno Sanfilippo returned last month with a new album “Lost and Found”. Bruno takes compositions from previous albums and reimagined with different feeling and emotions in the playing. The differences are subtle at times, but Sanfilippo is able to create a cinematic space with his music. “Peter” is melancholy with its piano playing […]

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Jeremy Flower

Jeremy Flower – “Mediated Matter” Review

Ambient abstract weirdness on the journey to a higher plain

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Dmitry Evgrafov

Dmitry Evgrafov – “Comprehension of Light” Review

Charting the audio journey from dark to light

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Gentle Love

Norihiko Hibino Releases “Prescription for Serenity” App

The musical app to send you to sleep

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Ryan Summers

Ryan Summers – “F51.01” Review

The ambience of insomnia

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Tom Adams

Introducing… Tom Adams

Dreaming the night away with angelic percision

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Western Skies Motel

Western Skies Motel – “Settlers” Review

One of the most understated greatest guitar albums of the decade

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Heinali – “Bound Original Soundtrack” Review

Where organic sound becomes alien emotion

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C Duncan

C Duncan – “The Midnight Sun” Review

Audio dreamscape of the year

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Lowercase Noises

Video Vault – Lowercase Noises

The slowest of all the strums

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He Is Me

Introducing… He Is Me

A technoire dystopian party is brewing

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Benedikt – “Soma” Review

A truly creepy downtempo artist

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Saint Sister – “Madrid” Review

Atmosfolk duo have a cracking start to their music career

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Introducing… The Album Leaf

When keyboards play just like guitars

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Video Vault – Unalaska

This ones for the travellers

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LTO – “No Pasa Nada” Review

Bringing those experimental beats back

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Introducing… LTO

Hypnotic industrial noise loops? It’ll draw you in…

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Wired to Follow – “Read Write Execute” Review

Listen Contemplate Review Enjoy

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