PR Support – The ‘One Pager’

Learn about my one pager PR service

What is a ‘one pager’?

A ‘one pager’ is a single page (sometimes 2 pages) press release that musicians and other sectors use to inform the media outlets you are pitching to about your new release. Think of it as an elevator pitch but in print.

What does a ‘one pager contain?

Each press release should be tailored but in general, they will almost always include a press photo, approved links to the new release that everyone can listen to and a snappy description about the new release. This doesn’t need to be a new song or album – it could be a music video to extend the press shelf life of a new release for example. In addition, most of these one pagers also include some kind of artist narrative around their intentions and if there has been some previous press for the artist elsewhere, quotes can be helpful too.

Why do I need a ‘one pager’ anyway?

This kind of press release is the standard way to pitch yourself to other media outlets to get press attention – particularly online. It is a foundation building block of your own narrative and can be used on your own websites too. If you can’t describe yourself and your release to a wider audience, then who will take the time to listen?

What do you provide with your one pager?

For each one pager I create, I listen/watch your release and research your online presence to gain some understanding of your artistic journey so far. I may ask you a couple of questions about the release that I can then weave into a description of your project and a narrative about it. I then add any press photos you may supply, your call to action you would like your audience to do and links to your online presence (website, social media etc).

I then provide a PDF version of the one pager for you to then use whenever and wherever you like. You have the right to use it and edit it however you like. If there are things that you’d like changed, I can amend them for you before handing the completed document over to you. As each one is completely bespoke – just like your art – I want to make sure you are completely satisfied.

How long does the process take?

This depends a little on the size of the project but usually within 5-7 days.

How much does it cost?

I charge £20 per one pager.

Fancy getting your one pager? Contact me below!

Even if you choose not to use my services, I still strongly recommend this one pager style as the perfect way to pitch your releases to people. I wish you the very best of luck with your release either way.

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