PR Support – The ‘Monthly Mentor’ Plan

Your access to industry knowledge so that you can become self sufficient

What is the ‘Monthly Mentor’ plan?

Think of this as a mentoring and guidance investment for your projects. For many artists, having the ability to regularly meet with someone with vast industry knowledge can be hugely beneficial and this is what the ‘Monthly Mentor’ plan is all about. It is a regular monthly online session to develop and build your online presence.

What happens in the ‘Monthly Mentor’ plan?

Each online Monthly Mentor session takes place for around an hour and the session will be focused on where you are in your artistic journey. For example:

  • If you are right at the beginning of your journey and you have no followers yet, we’d usually work on your story and niche to be able to distinguish you from the crowd.
  • You may be overwhelmed with which platforms to promote your work on and we can work on how to use your time most effectively.
  • You may find that your audience doesn’t engage with what you currently do and so we will methodically work out what does engage them.
  • It could be that you want to be more discoverable online and we can look at data and metrics to measure what works.

Everyone is different and the key with the Monthly Mentor plan is that it will meet you where you are at and help you deliver at the point you are at too. That may mean that I ask a lot of questions about what has come before and your decision-making in getting to where you are but that is to understand you and your needs better.

You’ll leave your mentoring session with something actionable to take away and do between sessions and we will be drawing up that plan as we talk in the session. The following session would then review what has happened between sessions and decide on what the next steps are to take. Think of it like a project planner and a commitment to yourself to ensure you follow through on your actions.

How long does the ‘Monthly Mentor’ plan last?

That is entirely dependent on your needs. You may feel that after an hour of discussion, you are all set to go and you might not need me anymore. For others, it may be that you’ll want six months’ worth of building the blocks of marketing and communications so that you can then be completely self-sufficient yourself afterwards. There is no pressure to stay with me at all.

Is a single monthly meeting enough?

Again – this depends on your needs but often a month is a good time scale to take some action and start to see a trend in the results to see if it has had the desired effect or not. I do offer weekly meetings too but I would only recommend this if you are working to a short deadline or have a complex media strategy with many moving parts and need some project management expertise.

How much does the ‘Monthly Mentor’ plan cost?

There are a few tiers for the plan depending on how much time you’d like to spend with me:

Mentor PlanCost
A single one-hour session a month£25
Weekly one-hour session (billed monthly)£90

Interested? Contact me below!

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