A bit about the charities Higher Plain Network supports.

Since 2018, the Higher Plain Network supports two charities.

MAP International

MAP is my chosen charity to donate to. It provides emergency medical support for crisis-hit areas and operates at a fantastic 99% effectiveness. That means for every pound donated, 99 pence is used directly in their programs. No spending money on TV adverts – it’s all about getting it to the people that need it. You can visit MAP International for more information – which includes their finances and their programmes to see how they make a difference.

Survival International

Survival International aims to stop the annihilation of tribes by giving them a voice to be able to speak with and supports tribes to forge their own path in society, without being taken advantage of by massive corporations. This includes preventing slavery, genocide and racism against tribal societies that are being killed off in the name of progress. You can visit Survival International for more information about their current battles and advocacy services.

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