Higher Plain Music Radio

Higher Plain Music Radio on Mixcloud

Higher Plain Music Radio launched on Mixcloud in July 2021.

Each show will be around an hour long and showcase either a certain genre, mood, feeling or music taste. It will largely be used as a show to discover hidden gems of music that I have personally clicked with. Think of the show as a hand-curated discovery show.

Listeners can enjoy the show for free but may not be able to rewind tracks depending on their country due to licencing agreements.

To get notified of when a new show is released, follow Higher Plain Music on Mixcloud.

Mixcloud Select

The reason I chose Mixcloud is that it pays artists and musicians their royalties correctly but also that you as listeners can support radio shows too. Mixcloud Select allows you to pay for offline streaming and ad removal as a Mixcloud user but also gives 15% of your subscription fee to a creator of your choice. This is a great way to support Higher Plain Music if you don’t want to use my Patreon campaign. Visit my Mixcloud Select page for more details.

Why don’t you use Spotify for playlists?

Until Spotify does better for supporting artists that provide the content to their platform, I refuse to entertain or use the service.

Will you ever run a 24/7 internet radio service?

Not for the foreseeable future no. To run a radio station legally costs thousands of pounds per year as each territory has its own licencing payments. As I pay for all Higher Plain Network’s webspace, servers and content from my own money, alongside generous Patreon supporters and donations, I simply cannot afford to do it properly at this time. Mixcloud offers me a way to produce professional radio shows and share new music on a sustainable level personally – and it pays royalties to artists too.


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