You can listen to Higher Plain Music Radio using the player below:

What does Higher Plain Music Radio play?

I play music sorted into playlists of themes and genre. Every Sunday a new selection is rotated onto the station. It is all the music that features on the website plus plenty of older songs or music I personally enjoy and love.

You can follow the radio’s #NowPlaying Twitter account to give you a flavour of what is on air – or simply tune in curious to discover your next musical find!

For details on the radio show formats see the radio show timetable.

The 10 most recent tracks played are (updated in real-time):

How to access the station outside of the UK

The station is currently only available in the UK, but VPN’s will help you out (I personally use ExpressVPN and haven’t had an issue with them). Just join a UK server and you’ll be able to listen away all day.

Support and Sponsorship

Licences to run a radio station in the UK are expensive and grow in cost with the more listeners a station receives. I’d like this station to be a small success but will require support either via donation or a monthly $1 pledge on Patreon. Patreons do receive additional bonuses and behind the scenes content across all my projects so I’d recommend that route, but anything is gratefully received.

There are limited sponsorship opportunities to be a show title sponsor. Visit the sponsorship page for more information on how this works.

Where is Higher Plain Music Radio listed?

You can:


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