Higher Plain Music is currently gearing up to launch an online radio station. It’s currently on track to launch August/September 2019.

The radio station will focus on promoting smaller, more unknown musicians and artists just like the website and will have several different shows based on different themes. Those themes will be genres, moods, songs of the year and so on. As the radio station will usually be pre-loaded, I’ll ensure to alter the timings of shows so that different timezones get something different across the week. Special artist interviews and talk shows will be added in the future too.

A word on royalties and licencing for PR/Artists

Promoting unsigned or unknown artists on the radio in the UK is a very difficult legal black hole. The UK licencing bodies do not allow you to cross-check artist names against who actually have paid to get their royalties collected by them. It’s just assumed that everyone has done so – but when speaking with smaller unsigned artists, often this isn’t the case. If you are a PR agent or artist submitting a song or album for review or radio play – please ensure you alert me if you are not signed to a licencing body so I can arrange a royalties contract with you individually.

Last updated 31/03/19.


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