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Lucy Mason

Introducing… Lucy Mason

Sumptuous electric piano for the wee hours

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People the Kangaroo

Introducing… People The Kangaroo

This one is for Saturday night!

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Higher Plain Music’s Top 25 Albums of 2016

My 25 best albums of 2016. Happy New Year!

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Christa Vi

Introducing… Christa Vi

Welcome Vi to the retro future synth party

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Clock Opera

Introducing… Clock Opera

Bringing a smooth indie synth vibe to rock.

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Kishi Bashi

Kishi Bashi – “Sonderlust” Review

Album of the year? Quite possibly…

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Hannah Peel

Hannah Peel – “Awake But Always Dreaming” Review

Electronic album of the year?

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Mood Robot

Introducing.. Mood Robot

Smooth synth pop to while the evening away to

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Hannah Peel

Introducing… Hannah Peel

Symphonic synth pop to the rescue of summer!

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We Are Temporary – “Crossing Over” Review

The deep dark well of the lost souls of electronic indie music have been discovered

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Introducing… Lyel

Gearing you up for Eurovision with something better than anything entered…

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Introducing… Lemaitre

Norway’s finest disco pop

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Ed Tullett

Introducing… Ed Tullett

Someone’s let Ed loose on the pitch bender!

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Introducing… Ofeliadorme

Italian synth seduction

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Christopher Tin

Higher Plain Music’s Top 25 Albums of 2014

It’s time to share Higher Plain Music’s top 25 albums of 2014

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Lindsay mac

Introducing… Lindsay Mac

This winters dance anthem is sorted!

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Universal You

Universal You – “MMXIII” Review

Universal You bring you a clash of 80s and 2010s synth pop

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Datassette – “People Without Mouths” Review

Funnily enough when I bought this album from Bandcamp (thank you artist recommendations!) I hadn’t clicked that my first contact with Datassette could well have been a remix from a Bjork single. However Datassette’s album “People Without Mouths” is a curious beast. Purely build of synths and some very clever effects, the album goes out […]

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Young Summer – “Fever Dream EP” Review

Young Summer is a new electronic synth based singer/songwriter whom crafts some more left of the middle dream pop tunes. Her début EP “Fever Dream” is a fantastic introduction to her music which we wholeheartedly give a thumbs up on HPM! “Fever Dream” opens the EP with a thumbing heat beat kick drum with a […]

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Introducing… “Midnight Faces”

Midnight Faces flirt outrageously as a modern production Pet Shop Boys crossed with something a bit more post-rock and more David Gray vocally. It’s a great clash of modes and modules and their self entitled début I’m sure will go down a storm. HPM are certainly looking forward to hearing it. Listen to the track […]

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