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Charlie Risso – The Light Review

If Galadriel made Nordic inspired pop.

What does Charlie Risso sound like?

A mixture of acoustic Goldfrapp, Lisa Miskovsky and Susanne Sundfor.

The review of Charlie Risso – The Light

Hailing from the Republic of Genoa in Italy, Charlie Risso has approached her third release with an ethereal dream synthpop quality in mind. Working with producer Frederico Dragogna, Charlie coats her music with a bleeding edge. The synths, vocals and electric guitars flow in and out of the mix like syrup. It’s like good Europop has been made by Galadriel and some heavenly light on their fingers elves.

Charlie Risso - photo by Emanuele Cova
Charlie Risso – photo by Emanuele Cova

The four track EP opens with the airy and calming ‘The Light’. It is the most synth-led track on the release and the song with the most gaussian blur added to the production. I was led to Nordic alt-pop artist comparisons like a softer Susanne Sundfor of Ionnalee at times but as the EP progresses, Charlie Risso adds in more acoustic elements. S.I.N. (which stands for Summer in Norway) has a Goldfrapp meets ABBA edge to it with some classic bright piano over mid-tempo grooves and slightly solemn chords. The electric guitar and chunkier beats give it more of a punch than the opener whereas ‘Into The Forest’ focuses on acoustic guitar driven pop. It reminds me more of Lika Miskovsky as it has a Nordic pop sensibility to it, but there is a Western European folksy nature to it too. It’s the hidden jam of the EP though and the non-single recommendation. The closing track ‘Landed on Speed’ is more symphonic with a dense synth string arrangement leading the way. It has a lot of gravitas in its song structure yet Charlie Risso keeps her voice restrained and low in the mix. It turns what could have been a powerful finale into something murkier and desolate. Initially, I thought that was a misstep but on repeated listens I’ve really grown to enjoy how oppressive the synth strings are. They feel all-encompassing and suffocating.

Short, varied and effortlessly gliding for the most part, this is a great EP from Charlie Risso. The hooks are there but not in your face and instead your focus is on the sound palette and emotions being portrayed. The ethereal synths and smudged sounds might feel a bit overproduced for some but it landed well with me. This is a great listen for when you are in need of pillowy synth pop.

Recommended track: Into The Forest

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Charlie Risso - The Light



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