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Madam West

Madam West – “Warm Bodies” Review

When a synth pop duo grows into a rocking soul band

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Knightstown – “Keep” Review

2am danceclub afterglow in its finest

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Muffin – “Muffin EP” Review

Grassroots grunge to freak to

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Tori Amos

Experience Tori Amos – in 16bit RPG Concert Form!

Let’s go future retro retro cool with all the chiptunes!

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Introducing… Curvs

The dark alley of synth rock

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Breathe Panel

Introducing… Breathe Panel

Seaside shoegazers launching debut album

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GoGo Penguin

GoGo Penguin – “A Humdrum Star” Review

Jazz’s finest

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Philip Glass

Inspirations of Music: Philip Glass

On scoring one of my all time favourite films

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Clock Opera

Clock Opera – “You’ve Got What I Need” Review

A bonus collection of alternative versions and new tracks for the album of 2017

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Belly release new single – album out May

First album in 20 years – worth the wait!

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Aethernaut – “Summer Jamz” Review

Sunny chiptunes

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ANML returns with new single and EP

Cinematic gospel electronica? HELL YES!

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Abi wade

Video Vault – Abi Wade

Dramatic piano pop for the inner artist

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Video Vault – Bryde

Welsh songstress prepares for debut solo album in windy conditions

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Music For Voyeurs

Music For Voyeurs – “Encounter” Review

Mysterious guitars and alien synths

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Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana – “Notion” Review

Breakfast Hendrix

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Juana Molina

Inspirations of Music: Juana Molina

A woman who blazes her own unique trail in music

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Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnston launches DIY Musician Postcast

A new resource of help and support for artists

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Ticktock – “A Violence of Innocence” Review

Awkward genre shifting pop for the artsy inner self

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Deya Dova

Video Vault – Deya Dova

Deep ancestral beats and voice to dance across the land too

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