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Introducing… Tragoe Damon

Pagan Folk with Middle Eastern instruments.

It’s clearly a purple patch for Pagan Folk music as new artist Tragoe Damon has had me captivated with his recent singles. What strikes me is the inventive dynamism he has. Yes, his music is rooted in Pagan Folk but the instrumentation, style and mood change wildly from track to track. Some have a pirate shanty tinge but most songs use harps, zithers, guitars and brass instruments as if they are more Middle Eastern based. It’s the merger of Pagan Folk and Middle Eastern instrumentation that sets Tragoe Damon apart from everyone else.

“Sun” is the latest single as Tragoe Damon moves towards his debut release “Origins” on the 1st of April. Interestingly, this is titled Origins Saga 3/5 implying there will be a 4th and 5th single too. “Sun” showcases everything bombastic and lively that the music represents. I’ll be picking up the album on launch and I’m confident from previews alone that the album will feature in my end of year best list.

You can enjoy the symbolic music video below. “Origins” is also available to pre-order now.

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  1. Thank you Simon! Just discovered your post and I couldn’t be more grateful about it. Indeed, the instrumentation is done exclusively with traditional Greek instruments. Hence the Middle Eastern feel you mention. Thanks again for supporting my album. Till the next one!

    1. You are so welcome. I’ll have an album review out very soon too, just sorting out some personal issues and catching up on a couple of other reviews first 🙂

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