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Introducing… Violent Vickie

Goths to the dancefloor please!

Sitting in the darkly lit corner of darkwave and drone techno you’ll find Violent Vickie. No, she isn’t the titular character from this summers horror movie, instead, she creates unsettling electronica for the goths who just wanna dance. Whilst the synths drone and bubble with heavy bass and the beats hit thick and fast, Vickie coo’s and sings over the top like she is disembodied from the rest of the experience. It is one-third ethereal, one-third calming and one-third creepy as hell.

Violent Vickie’s new single is ‘Circle Square’ and it shows off her musical genre perfectly. It is the kind of music I’d recommend to fans of Gazelle Twin, Zola Jesus, The Knife and so on. You can enjoy the single below and it is out now over at Bandcamp. The single is off the forthcoming album ‘Division’ which is due for release later on this year.

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