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Introducing… Bangladeafy

Industrial synthpunk duo merge live drumming with heavy synths for an aggressive experience

Bangladeafy doesn’t really do chill. The duo instead focus on making the most amount of industrial chaos as possible, weaving together aggressive drumming and wild unfurling synths and basses. Having built up a following by focusing on acrobatic synth basslines, the duo has moved from their instrumental roots to a more plugged industrial rock sound in recent years. ‘Whisper Rat’ acts as a bridge between the past and the future where Bangaldeafy has recorded their forthcoming fifth album live. That means all the noise and tech effects are triggers with sample machines and synth pads and organic real drum kits were used to give their music an explosive human element propelling the technology along.

Whilst the track is just shy of two minutes, Bangladeafy crams so much in that it feels like a sweet release when the final surge of drums, synths and vocals burst like a firework and leave a shattered eerie whirl behind. It is so visceral like early Beastie Boys meets Rage Against the Machine and since they are changing their style four albums in, now feels like a good time to bring new listeners along. It sounds like the song is laden with guitars but it’s all synths that have been grizzled and grimed to act like furious guitar sizzles. I really enjoy the fierce energy that sound provides. Bangladeafy describe themselves as industrial synthpunk and although I’ve not really heard that as a sub-genre before, I totally agree with the description!

Enjoy the music video for ‘Whisper Rat’ below, the track is out now. For more info on all things Bangaldeafy, visit their label page on Nefarious Industries.

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