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Introducing… KNIGHTSTOWN

A sweeping artistic electronica piece all fez’d up

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Jlin – “Black Origami” Review

Bang my drum

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Introducing… Anatole

A new chilled producer has entered the musical arena

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Introducing… TURTLE

Spooky grooves from the underground club

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Ghosting Samples Studio Ghibli Music for New Project

Working with Joe Hisaishi’s classic pieces

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Samuel Proffitt

Introducing… Samuel Proffitt

Where worlds collide in a time of divide

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LTO – “No Pasa Nada” Review

Bringing those experimental beats back

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Introducing… LTO

Hypnotic industrial noise loops? It’ll draw you in…

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Whispers of the Plains: Adam Fielding

Last week we introduced you to Adam Fielding, this week we got to talk to the excellent musician. Hold tight, it’s one of the best in-depth interviews we’ve had the chance to do! What initially brought you to music production and what influences your music? I originally started writing music using computers back in 1995, […]

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Salta Shakes It Up With Red Steel 2 Soundtrack

Tom Salta has written and composed the score for new wii game Red Steel 2. Looking set to potentially be one of the most intresting mainstream soundtrack sof 2010, Salta has said he has used some Wild-West guitar moments mixed around with very traditional Chinese instruments such as the Due and Pipa. That combination ensures […]

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Garry Shyman: Dante’s Inferno OST Review

Garry Shyman has been a busy bee of late and so this will be the first of two soundtrack reviews of the composer. Dante’s Inferno, a game which has came out to general critical acclaim has a very distinctive sound to it. Opening with the dramatic and powerful “Donasdogama Micma”, you are immediately thrown into […]

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Whispers Of the Plains: Garry Schyman

Inbetween all of his project’s he’s been doing, Higher Plain Music was able to grab a very quick five minutes with Garry Schyman! In order to get there we had to attack a few people with the conductors stick (we would be sorry but we got the interview) but here’s what Garry had to say: […]

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Whispers of the Plains: Winifred Phillips on the Making of Spore Hero’s Soundtrack

Winifred Phillip’s latest soundtrack “Spore Hero” was released this week and we gave it two thumbs up! We were lucky enough to get to ask a few questions about her processes when writing a soundtrack and you can read them below… When you first started work on the Spore Hero Soundtrack, how did you manage […]

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Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive Remixes

Go back to when the original trailers of Mirror’s Edge were released and the first thing I wanted to know about the game was what was that main theme song! The hook grabbed me and infected my musical brain until I couldn’t get it out of my head. Now finally we have a soundtrack of […]

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Street Fighter IV Remix Competition? Post Your Entries Here!

The guys at has organised a Street Fighter IV Remix competition. All you have to do is go here, sign up and download the sample pack of FX and music and then you can remix and produce to your hearts content! The top four winners get an Xbox 360 and a copy of the […]

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