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Georgia – Seeking Thrills Review

Stranger Things - The Dance Album

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Stranger Things Dancefloor Remix

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Returning with her follow up album to her mighty self titled electronic debut, Georgia has released the first stunning album of the decade just ten days in! ‘Seeking Thrills’ sees the London based producer shift from the murky and dense electronica of her debut to an 80s glitter ball of sweetness and lightning.

‘Started Out’ kicks off this new change with Georgia immediately signalling her direction with juicy power chords. The bossa nova groove is immediate. The voice is cleverly manipulated in weird and wonderful ways. This continues into a trio of absolute dancefloor anthems. ‘About Work the Dancefloor’ deserves all the praise it has garnered with its retro take on things. ‘Never Let You Go’ is heavier but no less catchy with its anthemic chorus and powerful verses. ’24 hours’ plays with voice manipulation more overtly but it’s rhythms and pop bents are simply the stuff of golden good pop.


Across the album, all the synths feel neon-tinged. I call it the Stranger Things effect. The sound evokes the 80s but doesn’t need the overproduction of millions of layers to make the machine. Instead, we have Georgia creating well rounded and full-bodied synths and beats that let her voice soar. Vocally, Georgia is much more dynamic this time around.
It is not all glitter bombs though. ‘Mellow’ is part alcoholic party diary part slow-motion nightmare. It has more in common with Gazelle Twin than most 80s acts. I have a feeling Marc Almond would approve though. ‘Til I Own It’ is a post-party haze that effortlessly flows of the tongue. Musically all the synths and drums have a smudge to them that sound like an afterglow. ‘I Can’t Wait’ follows suit with a hint of ANONHI for good measure.

For those looking for the grit of Georgia’s debut ‘Feel It’ has it in good measures. The grinding electric guitar synth mixes with industrial shuffle clicks beautifully. Georgia then distorts her vocals with grit and noise to up the angst and Iglooghost styled vocal twists keep you on your toes. ‘Ultimate Sailor’ is a twilight soundscape ballad. The keyboards have a tape warp to them that keeps the beautiful both celestial and creepy. It’s a gorgeous track that many may overlook with all the Dancefloor bangers on-board.

‘Ray Guns’ returns to the b-movie feel and will no doubt get a few references to M.I.A. because it has chatty vocals, a few Eastern beats and a driving bassline. It is a lazy reference personally because to me, its a b-movie in space. ‘The Thrill’ doubles up as a stonking dancefloor anthem and feels like a culmination of all that has come before it. It lets the debut inspired ballad ‘Honey Dripping Sky’ flow gloriously like silky smooth butter. It’s a warm come down and wraps up the album beautifully.

‘Seeking Thrills’ is a fantastic album from start to end. It feels retro and fresh at the same time whilst having its own unique sound. As a songwriter, Georgia peppers her unique London street style across the mix but usually places the melodies first. You’ll have this on repeat I guarantee.

Recommended track: About Work the Dancefloor

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Georgia - Seeking Thrills



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