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Ionnalee Kicks off Solo Project In Style

Returning the weirdos to the dancefloor with glee

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Live Vault – Fenech-Soler

45 minutes of the best of catchy electronica anthems

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Introducing… Vitalic

Get your glad rags on – we’ve got a glitter party to attend!

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Hannah Peel

Hannah Peel – “Awake But Always Dreaming” Review

Electronic album of the year?

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The Slow Revolt

Introducing…The Slow Revolt

A collection of electronica smashed into one.

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Introducing… FEELS

Dirty for the dancefloor in a retro-cool way

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Olga Bell

Olga Bell – “Tempo” Review

A diamond in the twisted world of electronica

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Shirobon – “Dimensions” Review

Getting the nerds on the dancefloor in 16 bit rotation

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Introducing… SVRCINA

Eurovision for respectable adults

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Higher Plain Music’s Top 25 Albums of 2014

It’s time to share Higher Plain Music’s top 25 albums of 2014

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Stream Royksopp’s Final Album Here

Blazing finale in full glory

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Introducing… Lindsay Mac

This winters dance anthem is sorted!

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Caribou – “Our Love” Review

Familiar beats haunt the Caribou’s trail

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Loreen – “We Got the Power” Review

Anthem on the dancefloor

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Snesei – “Trinity” Review

Enter a new chiptune challenger

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Introducing… Lanes

Bring on your synth-gasm

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Monomania – “Robot Flowers” Review

Taking chiptunes to the dancefloor…

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No Ceremony

No Ceremony – “No Ceremony” Review

The UK’s answer to The Knife has arrived…

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Universal You

Introducing… Universal You

Universal You takes on an 80s classic for their entrance to synth-pop

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Welcome Back The Knife

The Knife return with new song “Full of Fire” with a bizarre video to the equally unique song. As ever the duo never stop on a certain type of electronica and this is much more industrial than their previous works. The album Shaking The Habitual is out April.

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