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Introducing… Babel

What if the Cocteau Twins made a Europop tinged dance anthem for the summer?

Following on from their 2022 debut album ‘Yoga Horror’, Finnish dream-pop duo Babel are back at it releasing quirky bangers ahead of their follow-up album, anticipated to be ready for the next of 2023. ‘Closer’ is their new single and I’d like to pitch it as “what if a distinguished bossa nova or lounge jazz singer made their version of the Macarena”. This is because Karin Mäkiranta’s vocals are inspired by Brazilian bossa nova singer Astrud Gilberto, who sadly passed away last month. Her voice is crystalline, clean, soft and delicate and the instrumentation follows. Light piano, thin bass, gentle electronic drums and a French coastal vibe with accordion synths collide effortlessly. It’s a breezy uplifting and catchy track that was stuck in my head in a good way.

It’s not just the song that rocks, I had a good laugh with the music video too. Shot at a hotel in Madeira, Babel’s Karin Mäkiranta and Mikko Pykäri had a lot of fun dancing around the site, in front of other holiday guests and in hotel balconies. The whole thing is a delight and I’ve no doubt it’ll be at least a cult classic for the summer of 2023. Usually, Babel are bit more dreamy and Cocteau Twins sounding, but this track is taking them in a different dancefloor direction.

Interestingly, Babel has embraced its anthemic, slightly cheesy vibe too. Speaking about the song they said:

“We browsed a Korg 05R/W synthesiser’s presets and found a wonderful musette sound that started to guide us in the studio. Karin played the first half of the accordion riff, and Mikko figured out the rest. The end result is a perfectly symmetrical accordion riff that makes you want to listen to it forever. We realised that this is our chance to achieve the dream of a one-hit-wonder. The song’s story is based on the excitement and euphoria, the crushing feeling that all experiences are transient.”


Enjoy the music video for ‘Closer’ below. For more information on all things Babel, visit their Bandcamp.

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