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Bent Denim

Introducing… Bent Denim #RecordStoreDay

Misery in synth folk minor

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Cocoa Futures

Introducing… Cocoa Future #RecordStoreDay

Mellow indie synth pop for lazy summer days

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Introducing… Sleepspent #RecordStoreDay

A foot in different rock camps

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Introducing… Joyner

Sister pack

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Breathe Panel

Introducing… Breathe Panel

Seaside shoegazers launching debut album

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Hundred Waters

Hundred Waters – “Communicating” Review

Dream pop finesse

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Minute Taker

Minute Taker – “Reconstruction” Review

Lusciously marching towards dreamlike madness

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Introducing… GEA

Alternative pop for faeries

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Hvmmingbyrd return with new single

Irish duo return for a chilled out anthem.

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Introducing… Chirpy

A new Irish siren of indie folk pop

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Camille – “OUI” Review

Returning from the Monastery of vocal layers in style

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Live Vault – Ásgier

One of Iceland’s finest goes for the unplugged treatment

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Minute Taker

Video Vault – Minute Taker

Dream pop takes centre stage for a new dark theatre project

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Lucy Mason

Introducing… Lucy Mason

Sumptuous electric piano for the wee hours

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Introducing… Tempers

The darker side of electronica

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Bat For Lashes

Bat For Lashes – “The Bride” Review

A concept album of emotion and story over melody

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Higher Plain Music’s Top 25 Albums of 2016

My 25 best albums of 2016. Happy New Year!

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C Duncan

C Duncan – “The Midnight Sun” Review

Audio dreamscape of the year

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The Away Days

Introducing… The Away Days

Politically charged Turkish dream rock

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Introducing… SULK

British shoegazers for summer

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