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Flasher – In My Myth Review

A fantastic selection box of fine alternative rock with a penchant for reverb.

What does Flasher sound like?

The review of Flasher – In My Myth

Sitting firmly in the atmospheric, hazy side of electro-acoustic rock are Flasher. A year after their excellent album ‘Love Is Yours’, they return with a new EP. Flasher continued their collaboration with Owen Wuerker on production, and Jorge Elbrecht (Sky Ferreria, Japanese Breakfast) mixed the release. ‘In My Myth’ is 15 minutes of excellent rock that shuns a lot of the obvious rock tropes.

photo of Flasher

What shines on this four track EP is the diversity of the tracks. Flasher opens with the dreamy and glossy ‘Eastern Ave’. Here crunchy processed drums, rounded keyboard dew drops and electro-acoustic dreamy guitars collide effortlessly. It is a mixture of breezy rock, a long tail reverb and some beautiful vocal harmonies that round off the floaty sound. A free and easy guitar solo adds grit and shifts us into the ethereal world of ‘Adriene’. This track is built in reverse, starting out with dissonant guitar, full dreams and dual vocals with a snappy bombastic chorus riff. At the halfway mark, the track slows down to a slow-motion crawl with drenching reverbs and folksy melodies that slowly collapse into a hazy synth dream. It’s a beautiful song.

‘Motive’ is the grungiest of the tracks. The skittish way the riffs switch gears, move off key or a note pitch bend slightly too early as if the whole track is trying to speed up is frantic. Whilst it isn’t harsh shoegaze, it packs a punch and showcases Flasher can rock with the best of them. ‘Hands On’ closes the EP out with a sharp bass-led piece. It slowly adds in a buzzsaw electric guitar but keeps the overall vibe happy and upbeat, like 90’s Brit Pop.

Four songs, four different styles and yet everything is housed in Flasher cohesion. The collaboration with Wuerker and Elbrecht is clearly allowing Flasher to try new and interesting ideas and they seem to be riffing off this freedom of expression. Whilst I’d absolutely recommend their album ‘Love Is You’, if you are new to Flasher, ‘In My Myth’ is also a great place to start. Hazy indie rock doesn’t get much better.

Recommended track: Eastern Ave

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