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Introducing… La Faute

Fiest meets Mitski in this folktronica dream.

Sitting somewhere in the crosshairs of Feist meets Mitski is Canadian singer-songwriter La Faute. Creating her brand of dreamy pop with artistic flair, ‘Watercolours’ is her second single from her forthcoming debut album ‘Blue Girl Nice Day’, due out on the 26th of May. Exploring the idea of things looking beautiful in the moment but then muddy and shoddy when set in stone, this is a heavenly slice of acoustic pop. The mixture of guitars, piano, muted drums and Peggy Messing’s smooth vocals create an intoxicating mix. It’s dreamy and moody in a way that fans of Mitski and Rosemary and Garlic will enjoy. There’s also a dusty folk undertone that works particularly well here too.

La Faute (French for ‘The Fault’) has allowed Peggy Messing, the person behind the project, to play not just musically but visually too. She describes her songs as appearing as little movies in her head and that her music is describing the scene she sees. The music video is like a little movie too. Speaking of the video, La Faute says “The character in the video alternates between being in her inner world, the cocoon of the car, and the outside, in the harsh elements of real life. The scenes alternate back and forth, inside, outside. She’s driving through the city, singing to herself and smiling a little, and she’s outside in the cold rain, drenched and struggling. Fantasy vs. reality, in control vs out of control. She peers out the window with binoculars like a detective on a stakeout or a stalker, her face swallowed by shadows.”

Enjoy the music video for ‘Watercolours’ below, the single is out now. For more information on all things La Faute, including the forthcoming album, visit her website.

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