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Rebekka Karijord – “Mother Tongue” Review

Rebekka’s music has often been quite sparse and minimalist but her powerful voice and ability to create a sombre and intimate atmosphere has always made her music feel bigger than the sum of its parts. Never has that been more true than with her new album “Mother Tongue” which focuses of the most primal of […]

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Jesca Hoop

Video Vault – Jesca Hoop

Memories Are (out) Now!

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Introducing… Thelma

From the cupboard under the stairs of the brooding rocker

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Lucy Mason

Introducing… Lucy Mason

Sumptuous electric piano for the wee hours

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Bryde – EP 1 & EP 2 Reviews

The UK’s best undiscovered gem

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Charlotte Martin

Live Vault – Charlotte Martin

The underground piano songstress is back

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Emma Ruth Rundle

Emma Ruth Rundle – “Marked For Death” Review

The burning embers of rock are set ablaze with this stunning album

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Tori Amos

Tori Amos – “Boys for Pele” Remastered Deluxe Review

Shaving every audio clip that she’ll bring…

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Bic Runga

Bic Runga – “Close Your Eyes” Review

A unique take on a covers album

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Saramai – “Magnetic North” Review

A heavily skewed original lady at the keys enters stage left

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Tori Amos

Tori Amos showcases unreleased track

20 years later and it’s still a work of painful beauty

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Douglas Dare – “Aforger” Review

2016’s album for the dark, damp, and trodden on is here

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Sitorimon - Runner of Higher Plain Music

Staccato Cast Episode 2: Sitorimon

Discussing how to channel anger into music

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Sarah Walk

Video Vault – Sarah Walk

My new piano based hype

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C Duncan

C Duncan – “The Midnight Sun” Review

Audio dreamscape of the year

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Naia Izumi

Naia Izumi – “Never Let Them Tame You” Review

Fingers, frets and all the riffs

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John Southworth

Introducing… John Southworth

Kooky pop from the damp side

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James Halloran

Introducing… James Halloran

How to kill everyone in revenge using one bowl of punch and a piano

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Suha – “Moonkid” Review

Turkish smooth electro jazz anyone?

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Lydia Cole

Live Vault – Lydia Cole

New Zealand’s talent for acoustic wonder continues with Lydia

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