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Stefano Guzzetti

Video Vault – Stefano Guzzetti and Lisa Gerrard

An understated movement from string and voice.

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Introducing… Morosity

Twisting on This Mortal Coil

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Introducing… Clustersun

80’s shoegaze styled rock with Marc Almond-esque vocals anyone?

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Fawns of Love

Introducing… Fawns of Love

Getting your Cocteau Bush on

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Ringo Deathstarr – “Pure Mood” Review

A wall of sound that I could be locked behind for days

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Aisha Belle – “Colours” Review

How a violin can be the whole band if you have the mind to do so

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Video Vault – Temple Invisible

Ethereal trip hop from Romania

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Higher Plain Music’s Top 25 Albums of 2014

It’s time to share Higher Plain Music’s top 25 albums of 2014

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Video Vault – Lisa Gerrard

Lisa Gerrard returns with her new album “Twilight Kingdom” and her video release for the track “Seven Seas”. The beautiful monochrome vision is well executed and is very dramatic with the downbeat and minimalistic approach to the track itself. Lisa has collaborated again with Patrick Cassidy for this album so I’m expecting a quiet and […]

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Live Vault – Thy Veils

Ten minutes of ethereal zen in a live performance

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Adam Fielding – “Are You With Me” Review

Bring on the epic sci-fi adventures of Hudderfield!

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Disasterpeace & Ian Snyder – “The Floor Is Jelly OST” Review

Bring on the jello and the atmosphere!

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Video Vault – Metal Mother

Mother has a surprise…

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Lanterns On The Lake

Video Vault – Lanterns On The Lake

Ethereal English rock at its beautiful finest

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Megan Bonnell

Introducing… Megan Bonnell

Bounding piano, hellbent drums and psychedelic interludes? We. Love. Megan.

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Module – “Imagineering” Review

Module until last year was best known to us for the mighty Shatter soundtrack full of pumping beats and synth guitar riffs. With his first solo album that’s not associated with a game, “Imagineering” takes things to a more celestial and wondrous place. “A Glass Star” opens with a simple motif played on twinkling bells […]

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Gig Review: Dead Can Dance Live at Roundhouse

Put simply, last night a dream came true. Dead Can Dance until recently was a band I had not dreamed of seeing live but now they are reunited, I jumped at the chance to see them. From the outset almost every single track felt slightly sped up compared to their album counterparts. Opener “Children of […]

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Video Vault – Priscilla Hernandez

I think for once, I’ll let this absolutely beautiful track do the talking. For fans of Faun, Qntal, Omnia, Pagan/Neo-Folk, World Music with a difference and something very Lord of the Rings! She did all the illustrations herself too!

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Live Vault – Dead Can Dance

Finally in the Live Vault trio its Dead Can Dance whom I can’t find a ticket for anywhere! Here’s two songs from Brendan that aren’t on an album but are both beautiful. And a few others too:

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Video Vault – Dead Can Dance

Whilst it is an unofficial video, it is very well done plus is gives us more anticipation of their new album out next month. The album is available to stream in full already but I’d rather wait until the CD is in my hands before I pass official judgement. From what I’ve heard though, I […]

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