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Andrea Ward does music and movement the avant-garde way

Channelling water in voice, percussion, guitar and dance

Andrea Ward is a musician and choreographer who does music and movement the avant-garde way. Andrea uses her layered voice alongside lots of percussion to create music. For each project, she works with a drummer to build up a percussive spine to her music but the music doesn’t sit in a generic 4/4 tempo. Instead, the drums are fluid and full of tiny details, often embellished with tuned percussion such as hand pans and chimes. The idea is that the music imitates how Andrea dances and since her movement is never rigid, the music shouldn’t be either. Alongside the music, Andrea then creates dance choreography for the music videos that accompany the videos so the whole thing because a music and movement project for the artsy thinking crowd.

Whilst her latest single ‘Awake At Night‘ is a beautifully eerie rumble around the quieter nighttime brain mullings of a dream dusk, I want to showcase her previous single ‘Algorithm’. Whilst musically the tracks are in the same ballpark, it’s the music video that I find fascinating. Andrea Ward has a fascination not just with drums, but with water. The music video has Andrea swimming and tumbling around in water to the music but the way the camera works it’s as if she’s also above and below the water line. As she swims around, it’s as if she’s inside a painting frame and interacting with herself. I’ve no idea how the technology of it all works but I love it. Water is a recurring theme giving her 2021 album ‘Flood Circuit’ contained similar imagery and themes.

Enjoy ‘Algorithm’ below, the single is out now. For more information on Andrea Ward and her upcoming album ‘Ribbon of Water’ which is currently due for release in January 2023, visit her website.

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  1. Hi Simon!

    I want to thank you so much for taking the time to write this article about me, it’s a wonderful read and I deeply appreciate you taking in my work and sculpting a beautiful article!

  2. Simon you totally nailed it…Andrea Ward’s talents are off the charts. I look forward to listening to more of this spiritual healing music and watching her remarkable videos.

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