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Jessica Curry

Jessica Curry – “So Let Us Melt” Review

Classical and game soundtrack of the year contender

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Lisa Gerrard

Lisa Gerrard and The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices team up for new album

The ultimate vocal collaboration!

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Stefano Guzzetti

Video Vault – Stefano Guzzetti and Lisa Gerrard

An understated movement from string and voice.

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Camille – “OUI” Review

Returning from the Monastery of vocal layers in style

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Scarlet Crow

Introducing… Scarlet Crow

Beautiful harmonies from the forest of souls

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Rebekka Karijord – “Mother Tongue” Review

Rebekka’s music has often been quite sparse and minimalist but her powerful voice and ability to create a sombre and intimate atmosphere has always made her music feel bigger than the sum of its parts. Never has that been more true than with her new album “Mother Tongue” which focuses of the most primal of […]

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SPC ECO picture

SPC ECO – “Under My Skin” Review

Electronica haze and chill…

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Higher Plain Music’s Top 25 Albums of 2016

My 25 best albums of 2016. Happy New Year!

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Sultry alt-pop with voices of silk

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Introducing… Olga Bell

A new voice enters to warp your brain to shreads

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Angel City Chorale place full Christopher Tin concert online

A powerhouse of vocal talent

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Higher Plain Music’s Top 25 Albums of 2014

It’s time to share Higher Plain Music’s top 25 albums of 2014

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Mirabilis – “Here and Hereafter” Review

Songs from the Sirens

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Johanna Glaza

Johanna Glaza – “Silence Is Golden” Review

What do you get when Kate Bush & Joanna Newsom have a lovechild?

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Live Vault – Vienna Teng

How to sing many melodies all on your own…at once

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Christopher Tin – “The Drop That Contained the Sea” Review

A tour-de-force – 2014’s Classical album of the year!

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Introducing… Anilah

Coming from the otherworld…

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Ximena Borges

Introducing… Ximena Borges

One Lady. One Voice. A whole bucket of noise!

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Introducing… KAJKYT

KAJKYT is a completely experimental artist that will not appeal to those looking for specific hooks or melodies. KAJKYT deals with powerful spewing drones of sound. Sometimes that will be purely from voice, others from whaling rock guitars, others will be dark atmospheric ambience and brooding noises. It pushes and pushes forward to really fill […]

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Bjork – Biophilia Tour London 2013 Review

On the last week of her two-year tour for Biophilia I was finally able to see Bjork live, something I’ve wanted to do for twenty years. It felt like a special performance because of all the different elements that come together. The stage is a square in the centre of the room where everything is […]

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