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Seaming To – Natural Process Review

One voice, one almighty uneasy choir to weild.

What does Seaming To sound like?

Unclassifiable experimental soundscapes using a captivating voice.

The review of Seaming To – Natural Process

It has taken me a good month to decide how to tackle Seaming To and her musical style. On her latest EP “Natural Process”, she builds a choir out of her own voice. Both otherworldly and unusual, Seaming To doesn’t use a choir in a traditional way. Instead, its like a mixture of ancient folklore tale melodies, drone pads and African colour hues. The best way I can describe it is if Bjork’s “Medulla” album was made for dusk on a day of ominous activity… and then Philip Glass jumped on his modular synths.

Seaming To

The EP is split into two distinct sections. The first part contains two tracks that work thematically and sonically together. “The Natural Process” is a reworking of a song by Susumu Yokota. It lets Seaming To’s luxurious and feminine vocals to absolutely shine. It’s like warm honey being poured directly into the ears but like most things Seaming To, it’s never a truly direct melody. Snippets are chopped, scattered and knitted back together in abstract ways so it feels like a cross between unrestful groans and warm embraces. This idea of a choir holding space between heaven and hell continues with “proneandsupine”. The choir created by one reminds me of African folklore singing sometimes but it’s pitched into an ethereal abyss by its melodic direction. The second part of the EP is a single seven and half minute track called “Test Patterns”. This track is an excerpt from a live performance and features all kinds of arpeggiating synths building up and subduing. Underneath all this is Seaming To, operatically wailing from a distance over drone hums of herself. It’s wildly experimental but oddly enchanting at the same time. It reminds me a little of Chronus’ soundtrack from Michael Sterns. It’s as if time is being manipulated through the different arpeggio speeds and the vocals are like theremins.

Odd, weird but absolutely captivating, I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with anything Seaming To. I’ll be diving into her back catalogue as this is truly an artist that commits fully to her vision no matter what. Fans of Julia Holter, Bjork and Laurie Anderson will love this.

Recommended track: The Natural Process

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Seaming To - The Natural Process



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