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Yaima – Earth Trilogy Three Review

A lighter, gratitude filled dream folk EP in ode to Mother Earth.

What does Yaima sound like?

Dream folk full of gratitude for Mother Earth and the world around us.

The review of Yaima – Earth Trilogy Three

Closing out a trilogy of EPs over the last two years, ‘Earth Trilogy Three’ is a gentle and beautiful conclusion for Yaima’s Earth collection. The ethereal world folk duo continue their journey towards more tranquil pastures with this collection of five tracks. Harps, soft vocals, airy piano, and gentle drums push Yaima towards chill out at times but their core ethos of sacred ancient melodies stays centred and true to their spirit.

photo of Yaima

Each track tackles that ancient beauty in a different way. For ‘Paradise’ it is a Secret Garden styled ballad of electric drums, dreamy synth pads and soft vocals. ‘Iron’ focuses on sumptuous harp ditties and acoustic drums that skip and way like a Celtic story of centuries ago. What I really enjoyed with this EP specifically is that Yaima seems to merge a Celtic flair with a South American Andean flow too. ‘Iron’ could be in Ireland or Peru as the guitars and flutes seep in. ‘Dendrite’ is a dreamy muted affair of smeared strings, flutes, percussion and vocals that have an aural effect to them. Nothing is overtly easy to pull out of the mix and it is all smeared into one glossy feeling of Gaia. The two closing tracks ‘Rooted’ and ‘Rebirth’ are some of the most direct and straightforward tracks Yaima have made. Crossing new-age synths with driving beats and ethereal vocals underscored with acoustic guitar, harp or flute – it leans into Yaima’s poppier side.

Whilst this EP rounds off the trilogy beautifully, this is the calmest and lightest of Yaima’s works for a while. In their earlier work, there was more of a hint of mystery to their music, a lurking questioning perhaps. Here, we’ve fully embraced a fluffy hue of love and balance which shines through in the gentle tones of each song. That might mean listeners hoping for a darker tone will be a little disappointed but Yaima’s ethereal world folk is up there with the best of them. Good for when you need positive vibes.

Recommended track: Iron

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Yaima - Earth Trilogy Three



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