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Relay Tapes – Debris Review

When you want your shoegaze rock fit for a summers day.

What does Relay Tapes sound like?

Airy, uplifting shoegaze rock to lift your spirits and moods.

The review of Relay Tapes – Debris

Relay Tapes is a dream-pop shoegaze project from Jade Tyers and with her third EP ‘Debris’, she continues to sharpen her deft talents. Relay Tapes manages to somehow sound both really relaxed and dreamy whilst keeping a heavy rock edge to the music too. Part of this is due to the vaseline blur of Jade’s vocals that never take over a track. Instead, her voice is like a net curtain draping around the rock guitars like a shawl.

photo of Relay Tapes
Relay Tapes

‘Fader’ is a great example of how Relay Tapes rocks out. The swaying beat is light and open, as the vocals glide like tiny birds over the guitars. There’s something early 90’s Cocteau Twins about the sound but heavier. Relay Tapes aren’t afraid of having some chaotic electric solo moments, or weird breakdowns. On the opener ‘Street Scene’, the first minute is almost entirely ambient street noise and a slow burn of distant guitar though. Someone clearly loves post-rock afterglows and it suits the chill vibes the EP is going for. This is explored in the spacious title track which merges in-room mic’ed brushed drums with ethereal synths, vocal drones and light bass. It is post-rock air mixed with atmospheric ambience and it is oddly hypnotic.

‘Comedown’ leans into the dream pop vibe with an acoustic pop verse that you’d hear from someone like The Cardigans. Then we go into a shoegaze dream for the chorus hook. There is plenty of whammy bar, and clever guitar layers hiding under the surface which get their time to shine in the solo. It is a song that takes me back to the heyday of ’90s indie pop in a good way. Closer ‘Daylighter’ returns to the more anthemic and bolder riffs and styles of shoegazing dream pop. What I love about this track is that heavy walls of guitar battle against a xylophone solo and each brings its own gun. It isn’t a usual set-up but as the whole EP is light and airy whilst making the guitars roar, it really works. As a result, ‘Daylighter’ is definitely my favourite track on the release.

Maybe it is living in Brisbane, Australia that gives Relay Tapes a summery, sunkissed and windswept feel. The lightness and carefree nature of Jade’s music shines through without ever compromising on delivering huge sound walls of guitar. If you want your shoegazing to be fit for a summer’s day drive at the beach, ‘Debris’ could very well be the EP for you.

Recommended track: Daylighter

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Relay Tapes - Debris



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