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She Makes War – And Peace Review

Making Peace

Sounds like…

A rock warrior chilling around the fireplace after battle…

The review

Somewhat a bonus to round off the career of ‘She Makes War’, 2019 ended with the release of ‘…And Peace’. Taking eight tracks across She Makes War’s catalogue and giving them an acoustic refinement, it’s a fitting end to an era. Laura Kidd, the lady behind the name, signs off in style.

The rock ballad ‘Scared to Capsize’ now has a plucky uke delivery, as does ‘Paper Thin’. Both are stripped down to just an instrument and a voice. Its clear the angry guitar-shredding tones are wiped clean with these lighter, breezier versions. Even the anthemic ‘Drown Me Out’ feels folked up in its acoustic glory.

She Makes War
She Makes War

The collection really reminds me of the Welsh duo Paper Aeroplanes. It’s rock transformed into happy little folk ditties. That allows ‘A-hole’ to still be broody even in its acoustic form. ‘Delete’ changes things up by allowing She Makes War to recreate the track using only her voice. It is the most surprising and interesting addition to the peace collective. ‘In This Boat’ also plays with darker tones too with a lonely electric guitar gently noodling behind a wash of vocals. This allows ‘Undone’ and ‘Dear Heart’ to allow multiple guitars to jam out the collection whereas almost all the previous tracks are limited to one instrument.

It’s a fitting finale to She Makes War that a peaceful collection is how she how’s out. Whatever Laura Kidd goes onto next, She Makes War is sure to stand the test of time as a fantastic project of fiery rock from a talented songwriter and performer. I look forward to hearing the next chapter.

Recommended track: Drown Me Out

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She Makes War - And Peace



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