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Human Pyramids – Power Pose Review

An explosion of childlike wonder

Sounds like…

The Go Team! made a JRPG soundtrack.

The review

Human Pyramids released their latest album on Christmas Day. I’m not sure if that is a marketing boon or not but the album is full of the childlike joy of Christmas morning. It’s explosive, playful, celebratory and gushing with glee.

Each instrumental track has its own style. It feels more in line with a wide-eyed Pixar movie or a playful JRPG soundtrack than a normal artist. ‘4000 miles’ opens the album with proud triumphant strings, stomping beats and assured trumpets. Underneath it all is a playful xylophone and glockenspiel rhythm and gliding harmoniums adding a magical and folk element. It’s the Swiss on a sugar high and it never relents from there.

Human Pyramids

‘Volcano’ is a charming plucked string-led piece straight out of a child’s book. The tuned percussion feels ramshackle as glass bottles and metal shakers stagger around the melodies. ‘Lullaby’ instead brings warmth from the inner glow of an acoustic guitar.

‘Boxing Day’ is the musical equivalent of dashing through the snow as a wide-eyed kid. The explosive strings, chiptune embellishments and swelling drums make it irresistible to not smile. ‘Treacle’ turns to the harpsichord to playfully bounce around your ears. Then the main melody steams in played with a cross between a detuned piano and a dulcimer. It sounds like wedding bells ringing out from the 1500s.

Talking of parties ‘Confetti’ is a smooth synth-wave piece that feels like a Hi-Score screen. Then at halfway, it switches to a chiprock anthem from 1991. Its energy is contagious and you’ll be pumped for action by the time it’s long ascension up its chord progression is over. ‘Hospital Radio’ mixes together a plucky string quartet with something you could imagine from The Sims build mode whereas ‘Memory Map’ would for the neighbour and create a SIM modes. It’s tuned percussion has its mailers so nuanced that it feels satisfying to listen to.

‘Wisdom Teeth’ follows this by adding in big shoops and oohs alongside chunky drums. It brings me to the only real comparison that I can bring to Human Pyramids. A lot of the music has the same energy and vibe as The Go! Team. It is just that the instrumentation is more string quartet and tuned percussion focused rather than beats and guitar. That’s shown with the big finale ‘The Mighty Atom’ which sends us off with a huge guitar solo over trumpet fanfares and spritely string movements. The track is made to finish concerts with! Either side are two quieter acoustic numbers to round off the album.

Human Pyramids have created a truly joyous experience with ‘Power Pose’. Each track feels so alive and gleeful. It reminds me of the wonder of being a child and experiencing things for the first time. This album is happiness in a sound and for that, I unabashedly recommend to anyone to get their blood pumping.

Recommended track: Confetti

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Human Pyramids - Power Pose



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