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Introducing… Arp

Fourth World Music to question life's little pleasures.

Arp is the moniker for composer and producer Alexis Georgopoulos. Focused on creating high concept pop mixed with avant-garde ideas and odd instrumentation, the idea of Arp’s music is to merge slipping timelines into one condensed vision of sound. This comes across in his new single “Eniko” which mixed heavy synth work, drum machines, acoustic tuned percussion and a tribalistic power behind the rhythm. This mixture of futuristic sounds and traditional organic music is often referred to as “Fourth World Music” and this is a prime example of that idea. The single has a distinctly Japanese feel to it with its tuned percussion but other tracks will take inspiration elsewhere.

“Eniko” is taken from Arp’s forthcoming album “New Pleasures” which is the second instalment in his Zebra trilogy. Whilst it thematically pushes on a narrative of a collapsing timeline, you don’t need to have heard Arp’s 2018 “Zebra” to get on board here. The inspiration for the album, which provides a sense of familiarity and unusualness to the listener simultaneously, is an interesting one. Arp says “sometimes the most alien thing is simply seeing what we take for granted from a slightly different angle.” The album questions that if we look at our world through a slightly different lens, are all these new pleasures we seek in our daily lives really pleasurable at all? Expect twisted ancient instrumentation and chaotic future pop then!

Enjoy the fantastic “Eniko” below, the single is out now. “New Pleasures” is out on the 15th of July and you can pre-order the album on Bandcamp. You can also visit Arp’s website for more on Alexis’ music and other art projects. The music won’t be for the faint-hearted but I get the impression that if you bring some imagination, it’ll be a wild ride!

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