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Introducing… Dancehall

Three chord riffs are back!

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Introducing… Deepshade

Funky riffs and heavy chord thrashing alt rock

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Torres – “Three Futures” Review

Widening the rock palette

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Laura Carbone

Introducing… Laura Carbone

Bringing raw riff rock back to the headbanging screamers

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the Vultures

The Vultures – “Three Mothers Part 2” Review

When violins take over as guitars

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Clever Thing

Introducing… Clever Thing

A lazy guitar crunch and a powerful male/female vocal collaboration

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Naia Izumi – “Lone Wolf” Review

Riffing with the best of them

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Young Romance

Young Romance – “Another’s Blood” Review

Time to go underground and dirty with your favourite guitar strapped on

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The Survival Code

Introducing… The Survival Code

Time for a Londoner’s mosh up to get 2017 in full swing

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Spoilers – “Anti Vibe” Review

London’s got a riot in waiting (Spoiler warning)

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Syd Arthur

Syd Arthur – “Apricity” Review

The kings of psych-rock return to take their space throne

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Picnic Lightning

Picnic Lightning – “Picnic Lightning” Review

Adding some shoegaze to all of the rock

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Bonfire Nights

Bonfire Nights – “Entopica Phenomica” Review

Shoegazing into the blurry mists of noise

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Picnic Lightning

Introducing… Picnic Lightning

Discord like it’s a sub-pop 90’s band

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Book Group

Book Group – “The Great Indoors” Review

Riff rockers make surprisingly great full rockers!

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False-Heads – “Wear and Tear” Review

Riffing into oblivion

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Introducing… FalseHeads

Bringing grungey 90s back

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The Tripdown Project – “Post Modern Delay” Review

Riff rock returns like its the 90’s!

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Mount Pressmore – “Enjoy” Review

Bring me an electric piano and a cute guitar!

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“Lost and Found: Shadow the Hedgehog Vocal Trax” Review

Shadow brings out the rockier side of Sega’s vocal repetoire

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